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Tips for taking stellar photos of your apartment

Posted by Friendly Design on July 2, 2021
Tips for taking stellar photos of your apartment- Ann Arbor Apartments managed by CMB

In this article, we share Tips for taking stellar photos of your apartment. some stellar photos of your rental apartment on the internet can help you find a potential roommate. Photographs on the internet prove that the apartment you talk about is real and there’s no scam. Moreover, they show the beauty and hidden corners of your apartment. Only with photographs can you show that the apartment you are living in is comfortable, cozy, livable, and gives off warm yet welcoming invitations.

How do you take stellar photos of your apartment?

The interior spaces of a condo or an apartment are really difficult to capture, especially if you do not have a professional camera. Our apartments often seem lifeless, empty, and cluttered.

So how can you add life to your apartment pictures to find a responsible yet friendly roommate?

Tips for taking stellar photos of your apartment

Capture straight shots

Believe me, when I say, skip the fisheye and wide-angle lens. Try to keep your smartphone or camera parallel to the wall. Make sure that you stand straight while snagging the shots. Take a moment or two to ensure that everything in the photo looks straight, bright, and parallel to the wall.

Capture several photos of the straight angle before you can stop pressing the shutter button. I suggest using a tripod with a ring light to capture the whole architecture and interior of the room. 

Moreover, avoid using fisheye or wide lenses as they distort the pictures and do not take straight aesthetic photos.

 Use natural light to flaunt your interior space

To have cleaner shots of your apartment, you need to maintain the while balance. The balance is easier to maintain if you use natural light. Shadows, blue or yellow light do not look funky. Depending on your apartment’s face, take the photographs in the late afternoon or early morning.

Put down the blinds, open doors, and even your balcony to let natural light pass through.

Do not use your camera’s flash

If your apartment is too dark and there’s no sign of natural light, do not rely on your camera’s flash. Switch on all the overhead lights in your apartment and make do with whatever lighting you have.

Provide a realistic perspective in your apartment photos

Shoot from a doorway or towards a corner to provide a whole yet realistic perspective on your living space. Using a fisheye lens might make your room look bigger. Your goal is to convince a person to move in with you, not mislead.

Highlight the unique features of your living space

Does your apartment include a newly renovated bathroom, a beautiful deck, or a cute reading corner? If yes, make use of it and highlight the beauty of your apartment. You can also use props such as a mirror, a glass of milk, or assorted cookies to give an idea that your space is cozy and welcoming.


While it might take your time, the return on your photography and efforts will definitely be effective and tangible. Set your rental apartment from other listings to get the best roommate. So, you get the Tips for taking stellar photos of your apartment.

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