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Current Apartments Available for Sublet

Name ____________________Size of Apt ____________________Rooms Available _____________________Dates Available ________________________Building ____________________Email/Phone ________________________Asking Price ____________________Notes __________________________________
Zhengyang1 bedroomEntire apartmentNow - August$1300
Abhi1 bedroom1/2 bedroomNow - August 2018824$300The apartment comes furnished with modern furniture, kitchen, and TV. All utilities except electricity are included in rent. Price is negotiable!
Tyler3 bedroom1 bedroomNow - August 2018Carriage$1250Private top floor bedroom in a tri-level apartment. Looking for 1 or 2 girls.
Molly3 bedroom1/2 bedroomNow - August 2018Carriage$629.17Fully furnished. You’d be sharing a room with 1 other girl.
Robert2 bedroom1 bedroomNow - August 2018Carriage$750
Hariprasd4 bedroom1 bedroomNow - August 2018Geddes$600Fully furnished with internet. Email for pictures!
Nathan2 bedroom1 bedroomNow - August 2018Geddes$650
Windy4 bedroom2 bedroomsNow - August 2018Geddes$600$600 for each room, price negotiable
Chance1 bedroom1/2 bedroomNow - August 2018350$780The apartment is shared with one other person who is a great guy. Apartment has 1 shared bedroom and large living/dining area.
Jack2 bedroom1/2 bedroomNow - August 2018Carriage$600Fully furnished, all utilities included, email me for more details!
Taylor2 bedroom1 bedroomMay - July 2008801$600Furnished apartment (excluding bedroom), internet and utilities included, free parking and laundry. Looking for a female tenant! Price and dates negotiable.
Sophee2 bedroom1 bedroomMay - July 2008810 West$350One roommate will be living over the summer.
Collin4 bedroom1-4 roomsApril - August 2018Geddes$665 per roomEmail for photos and more details!
Rohan2 bedroomEntire apartmentApril - August 2018Geddes Hillkumarrp@umich.eduNegotiableEmail for details!
Carolina2 bedroom1 bedroomMay - August 2018Geddes$1200Fully furnsihed, all utilities included. Very large room with plenty of space for 1 or 2 people!
Erik4 bedroom1-4 roomsMay - August 2018Geddes$650 per roomFully furnished, Utilities and internet included, Email for details!
Elizabeth2 bedroom1 bedroomMay - August 2018Geddes$660, negotiableEmail me for details! Specifically looking for a female tenant. Internet, furniture and cable included!
Paul2 bedroom1 bedroomMay - August 2018Carriage Housebpchoi96@gmail.comNegotiableFully furnished, message me for details
Sidhaarth1 bedroom1/2 bedroomMay - August$575
Sreeraj2 bedroom1 bedroomMay - August$650Furnished Apartment; Internet Router Included; upgraded bathrooms and parquet flooring included.
Christina1 bedroom1/2 bedroomMay - August 2018Geddes$675Looking for a girl to take my spot in a shared room in a bi-level apartment super close to South U and CC Little. Fully furnished and all utilities besides electricity included. Free laundry!
Sara1 bedroomEntire apartmentMay - August 2018350$1300Fully furnished apartment for 1-2 people with 2 beds. Brand new furniture and very clean apartment, all utilities included except electric. Email me for more details!
MatthewHouse1 bedroomMay - August 2018743$700
Sally2 bedroom1 bedroomMay - August 2018Geddes$650Fully Furnished with Cable and Internet, Heat and A/C. Window side of shared room allots for more sunlight! Cozy room with privacy black out curtain that comes free with the unit! Price is negotiable. Please contact!
Karl2 bedroom1/2 bedroomMay - August$450Subletting a shared room for a male in Broadview Apartments, Ann Arbor from May through August. The apartment is a fully furnished 2 bedroom with 2 full baths and a balcony. The room is spacious and easily accommodates two. 5 minutes away from University of Michigan, North Campus. On-site Laundry facility, Fitness Centre, Parking and a shuttle to college. Very close to multiple U of M and The Ride bus stops. For more information, please feel free to contact me.
Carlos3 bedroom1 bedroomMay - August 2018Geddes$750
Taylor3 bedroom1 bedroomMay - August 2018Geddes$870The apartment is fully furnished with new kitchen appliances and a living room furniture. Internet, cable and A/C are included in utilities and there’s free laundry. This is the largest, most spacious room in the apartment and super cozy. Comes with parking spot. Preferably looking for female; price is negotiable. Please email for more details!
Jarrett2 bedroomEntire ApartmentMay - August 2018Geddes$1600Or just 800 a room. Either way.
Jacob2 bedroom1 bedroomMay - August 2018Geddes$650Fully furnished apartment, it also has living room furniture. Internet, cable, and A/C are included in utilities and there is also free laundry. In the basement, there is a pool table, ping pong, an exercise room, study space, and a huge TV with couches. Super cozy, it is a 10 minute walk from campus, and it is next door to the Arb. Price is negotiable. Please email for more details!
Angela2 bedroom1/2 bedroomMay - August 2018Geddes$7501/2 bedroom (shared with wall partition), window side. Second largest bedroom space in the apartment - tons of closet/storage space. Fully furnished with new stainless steel appliances. All utilities (electric, water, heat, cable, internet, sewage) included - free laundry too! Top floor bi-level unit with private balcony. Preferably female; price negotiable. Email me for any additional info or pictures!
Taylor2 bedroom1 bedroomJune - August 2018Geddes$670Fully Furnished, price negotiable. Message me for details.

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