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NameEmail/PhoneAsking PriceSize of ApartmentBuildingDates AvailableNotes$13751 BedroomEastwindNow - Aug$16502 BedroomBroadviewNow - Aug Whole 2 bedroom apartment with 2 bath available from April 1 to August 30. Located on North Campus. Includes balcony, free fitness center on-site, free private storage area, free laundry on site, free water and parking, and multiple U of M Bus Stops and The Ride bus stops nearby. Apartment is semi-furnished with one couch and one chair, a dining table, 12 bed frames and 2 mattresses, and 2 desks. You may also bring your pet along. Please feel free to contact me at if you are interested.$12501 BedroomBroadviewNow - July$7001 Bedroom350 ThompsonNow - AugLooking to sublet for the summer as I will be gone. The sublet is for a shared bedroom and so you would be rooming with one other person. The apartment is fully furnished and the bedroom is spacious. Very close to central campus($14002 BedroomCarriage HouseNow - Aug Amenities include: AC, laundry on-site, water utilities paid for, free wifi + cable
Less than a minute walk from CCTC & 5 minute walk to the diag$6001 BedroomBroadview Now - JulyThe unit will be partially furnished if requested with a couch, bed, television, coffee table, and limited cooking supplies$800Studio220 North FirstJuly - AugSubletting the parking spot as well as unit, looking for a sublet from July 11, 2020 until the end of the lease (August 16, 2020)$1425Studio350 ThompsonAug 2020 - Aug 2021$16001 Bedroom350 ThompsonAug 2020 - Aug 2021 Due to COVID, my roommmate and I will not be able to lease this apartment. The entire apartment is available for rent. Spacious one bedroom with a large living room and modern kitchen. Free internet and laundry, and fitness room located downstairs.

Easy and Affordable Rent-by-the-Rooms

NameEmail/PhoneAsking PriceRooms AvailableBuildingDates AvailableNotes$7501 BedroomGeddes HillNow - AugAll utilities included!$3901/2 BedroomBroadviewNow - Aug2 bed 1 and a half bath
- Kitchen with stove & fridge
- Free Laundry On-site
- Free Water, Parking, & Trash Removal
- Free Fitness Center
- Short walk to Northwood and Bursley bus stops
- Free Shuttle bus to and from many north and central campus locations
- Pet friendly$6001 Bedroom914 SylvanNow - SepHi! I'm subletting 1 fully-furnished private upstairs bedroom with A/C & lock, in a cute tri-level home by Yost. [11min walk to Ross, 15min walk to Diag]
Parking spot included. Available now till August! I've got 3 female housemates, they're friendly and quite clean 🙂 Females 18-28 only, please!
Contact Me! I'd love to hear from you.
US Phone / WhatsApp: +1-973-349-2952
Facebook: ankitamani30$4001/2 BedroomCarriage HouseNow - AugAmazing location! 1 minute walk to CCTC bus stop, 3 minute walk to the Diag. Water & heat included. Free on-site laundry.
This three bedroom apartment will be occupied by 4 other very friendly female roommates during the winter semester.
Contact me for pictures and/or any questions you might have!$6501 BedroomGeddes HillNow - AugHopefully looking for a lease takeover, but simply subleasing will do.$6501 BedroomGeddes HillNow - AugPrice negotiable$5201 BedroomGeddes HillNow - Aug looking for a female to take over my lease!
-5 min. walk to Diag
-10-15 min walk to Ross
-Living with 4 other females (all so sweet, clean, and accommodating!)
-Fully furnished apartment
-Large, open kitchen and living room
-Fitness room / game room / laundry room all nearby (floor below)
-No parking spot (there's a parking lot right across from the apartment)

Very close to State Street/Downtown Ann Arbor (restaurants, nightlife, and entertainment)$4501/2 BedroomGeddes HillNow - Aug Will be moving away for the summer, so I will need to sublet the room, with a decent living room. Laundry on site for free, as well as parking available that you may apply for Roommates do not plan to stay for the summer so it is very possible you will have the apartment to yourself.$5401 BedroomEastwindNow - AugThe bedroom comes with Queen-size bed and mattress. There shelves underneath the bed and in the headboard.$3501 BedroomBroadviewNow - AugThe rent is normally 425 but very negotiable! My roommate is quiet and polite. She is very clean. Laundry in-unit. We also have the extended patio.$3501 BedroomGeddes HillNow - Aug$4001 BedroomGeddes HillNow - Aug Subletting a shared room. The room has a wall that goes 3/4th of the way through the room so you can barely even see the other person. My roommate and I have not had any issues with sharing the room because we really only use it to sleep in and spend most of the day in the living room. Another roommate occupies a single room in the apartment. Both roommates are still unsure of their summer plans because of things getting canceled due to Covid. Therefore we don't know if they will be in the apartment or if you will be alone. The apartment has a really beautiful view of the cemetery across the street and is very close to downtown and the arboretum.

Regarding covid precautions: incoming subletter would have to agree to all rules set by existing roommates, this is non-negotiable and if you're unable to follow these rules they will have the right to ask you to move out.$7501 BedroomGeddes HillMay - AugLooking to sublease or transfer the lease of my apartment. I'm looking for a guy to join a group of three guy. The bedroom available has the privacy divider and has control of the door in. I'm open to negotiating a rent discount for the first month. Email me and we can get in touch and discuss.$7501 BedroomGeddes HillMay - AugPrivate bedroom!

Move-in and move out dates are flexible!!
Cozy, furnished apartment & very well-maintained.

Price includes ALL utilities!
Washer & dryer, pool table, ping pong table, & gym located in the basement to use, all free of charge!
Free Geddes Shuttle bus!

Price is negotiable!$6501 BedroomGeddes HillMay - Augfurnished apartment; private bedroom
all utilities included except for electricity
free gym, laundry, printing, and study areas!
free shuttle to campus, & only a short walk to CCTC!$4001/2 BedroomGeddes HillMay - AugSubletting half of big room which is a divided room in the largest bedroom, in a two bedroom bi level apartment. Message me for further details and for pictures, or for negotiating prices.$13002 BedroomsGeddes HillMay - Aug Looking for two friends to sublet from May 2020 to August 2020, Geddes Hills Apartments, right by Oxford housing, Frat Row, and Oxford bus stop!
Only a 10 minute walk to Campus and the apartment provides a free shuttle! Shared bedroom, fully furnished, including two full sized beds. Amenities include free laundry, study spaces, and a gym! All utilities included except electricity, very affordable, very close to campus!
A great place for two friends or one person looking for a bigger space!$7001 BedroomGeddes HillMay - AugLarge single bedroom with personal closet, large windows, desk, dressers, and full bed$7501/2 Bedroom350 ThompsonMay - AugLooking for someone to sublet for the summer. The asking price is for a shared bedroom so you will be sharing the bedroom with one other person. The bedroom is fully furnished and rent includes everything except for electricity which will be split between two people. The apartment is very close to central campus, it is a 5 min walk to the diag and is close to many restaurants downtown.$7501 BedroomGeddes HillMay - Aug I'm looking for someone to sublet or take over my lease on one bedroom in a two bedroom apartment for the summer months. All utilities are included i.e. electricity, water, heat, wifi, and laundry. The entire apartment comes fully furnished, and ready for move in.
$5001 BedroomGeddes HillMay - Aug$3001 BedroomGeddes HillMay - Aug Available to tour and discuss terms as long as it is planned ahead of time.$4501 BedroomGeddes HillMay - AugMy roommate's room is also available for the same price.

Its a nice cozy apartment with many included amenities such as cable, A/C, Dishwasher, a gym downstairs, and a game room. Price is negotiable while the length of time is not.$10001 BedroomGeddes HillMay - AugI am looking to sublet my private room in unit C2. My two roommates are also looking to sublease.$11001 Bedroom406 PackardMay - Aug Hi! We are a group of four offering up our apartment for the summer, from May-Aug. This posting represents one of our two bedrooms, there will be another posting with our second bedroom up as well! Our apartment has free laundry, free wifi, and all utilities except electric will be free as well. We're a 2 min walk to the union, and a 7-10 min walk from downtown/the diag! We are also really close to a Commuter North bus-stop, as well as a TheRide bus-stop (for bus 5). Our current asking price is for one bedroom per month, but we are willing to negotiate the price.$10001 Bedroom406 PackardMay - Aug$8002 BedroomCarriage HouseMay - Aug1 1/2 bathroom, kitchen and living room space is all included.$3501 BedroomGeddes HillMay - AugIndividual bedroom all to yourself. Laundry in basement. Full kitchen + 1.5 Bathrooms. Email for tour.$6501 BedroomGeddes HillMay - Aug$6501 BedroomGeddes HillMay - AugUtilities are included in the price of rent, there is the possibility of including a parking space with the room$7501 Bedroom743 MillerJun - AugThis is a room in a three bedroom house. I am a student and and returning home for the summer.$4301/2 BedroomBroadviewNow - AugRent negotiable, does not include utilities.$5001 Bedroom824 McKinleyNow - Aug$6751 BedroomGeddes HillAug 2020 - Aug 2021$7751 BedroomGeddes HillAug 2020 - Aug 2021$7991/2 BedroomCarriage HouseAug 2020 - Aug 2021 Subletting for 1 person in shared bedroom.

1 min walk to CCTC, 3 min walk to East Hall, 3 min walk to CCRB/dance building, 5 min walk to the Diag. Perfect for central and north campus students!

Fully furnished with twin beds, appliances, living room furniture, etc. Roommates are super chill and nice. Subletting for other personal reasons. I know some neighbors at Carriage House, everyone's super kind and energetic 🙂

Has a balcony, 1.5 modern baths, spacious rooms, open kitchen and living room. Flat screen TV, comfy sofa and wood dinner furniture.

I'm open to any interests for subleasing for the whole year or one semester! Hope to hear from y'all soon.$5301 BedroomBroadviewAug 2020 - Aug 2021Looking to sublet 1 shared bedroom from August 24, 2020 to August 13, 2021. Apartment currently has 2 other male tenants (2 sophomore engineering students at the University of Michigan).

The unit is fully furnished with 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, living room, full kitchen, and balcony. Also includes free fitness center, free on-site laundry, free water, free parking, free WiFi, free CMB shuttle bus, and free lockable storage / bike racks. The unit is close to North Campus (near Bursley Baits area), close to Blue Bus / The Ride bus stops, and next to the fitness center / laundry center. The unit is close to Kroger (~1 mile away) and lots of restaurants.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! I've got pictures, diagrams, and anything else you might like to know about the apartment.



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