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Current Apartments Available for Sublet

NAMESize of AptBeds Available or Rooms AvailableDates AvailableBuildingAptContactEmail/PhoneAsking PriceNotes
Jinwoo2 br/1 ba1 Bedroom/Shared common areaNow - August$420/monthMaster bedroom available – fully furnished!
Tyler2 br/1.5 baEntire apartmentNow - August 2017Carriage$1500/moFully furnished! Free heat, cable, and internet!
Brett2 br/ 1 ba1 bedroomNow - August 20171700$400/moSublet offering is one side of a double bedroom in a unit with 2 total bedrooms, 1.5 baths. Looking for male tenants only as the other 3 roommates are all male.
Abdullah2 br/1 ba1 Bedroom/Shared common areaNow - August 2017824$875/mo
CMB2 br/1 baEntire apartmentNow - August 2017801$1495/month
Koki1br/ 1 baEntire apartmentNow - August$1045/moFurnished with a balcony. Free parking
Susan1 br/1 baEntire ApartmentApril 15 - August 2017824$900Two weeks free rent. April’s rent will be paid in full. Move in April 15 or there after. Fully furnished!
Mia2 br/1ba1 Bedroom/Shared common areaApril 27 - August 2017406$700/moFully furnished, covered parking, looking for a female
Ramis2 br/1ba1 Bedroom/Shared common areaApril 29th - August 2017824$847.50/month
Rachel2 br/1.5ba1 Bedroom/Shared common areaApril 29th - August 20171700$600/moCan fit TWO people! Furnished! Free internet! Top floor!
Tori1 br/1 baEntire apartmentApril - August 2017Broadview414Email/ 4127082060$1300Fully furnished!
SukhwinderStudioEntire apartmentMay 1, 2017 - June 23, 2017350$1350/monthFurnished and cozy and close to campus. I wish I could live here forever
Amber2 br/1 baEntire apartmentMay 1 - August 17, 2017824 McKinley1Email/ 6166447224$1800/month totalFully furnished! Pictures available!
Patrick1 br/1 baEntire apartmentMay 1, August 14, 2017Broadview512Email/ 8473027689$1100/monthOut of all the apartments I have lived in, this is honestly my favorite. Anyone looking for a 1 bedroom apartment walking distance to North is going to love this place!
TaylorStudioEntire apartmentMay 1 - August 2017350$1250/monthFully furnished apartment not even five minutes away from Central Campus. Includes free internet, water, laundry and gym room.
SeanStudioEntire ApartmentMay 1 - August 2017350 Thompson215Email/ 8083899896$1000/monthFurnished!
Kierra2 br/1.5 ba1 bedroom/Shared common areaMay 1 - August 20171700$600/monthSpacious single bedroom
Flynn2 br/1.5 ba1 bedroom/Shared common areaMay 1 - August 20171700$500/monthLooking for male tenants as the other 3 roommates are all male.
Nicolas1 br/1 baEntire apartmentMay 1 - August 2017824$1050Furnished with free internet. Price negotiable!
DerekStudioEntire apartmentMay 1 - August 2017350$1330Great location. Fully furnished.
Rachel2 br/1.5 ba1 bedroom/Shared common areaMay 1 - August 20171700$642.50Free internet, heat, cable, and FREE LAUNDRY!
Arjun3 br/1.5 ba1 bedroom/Shared common areaMay 1 - August 2017350$400
John1 br/1 baEntire apartmentMay 1 - August$1125/mo
Robert2 br/1 ba1 bedroom/Shared common areaMay 1 - August$500Fully furnished! Free wifi!
IlinaStudioEntire apartmentMay 1 - August 2017350$1225Price negiotiable
Prakruthi2 br/2 ba1 bedroom/Shared common areaMay 2 - August$450/moLooking for female tenants as the other 3 roommates are all female.
Hans2 br/2 ba1 bedroom/Shared common areaMay 8 - August 2017Carriage$450/moMay rent is FREE!
Taylor2 br/1ba1 bedroom/Shared common areaJune 1 - August 2017801$600/moFully furnished with all utilities included!
David3 br/1.5 ba2 bedroom/Shared common areaJune - August 2017Carriage$700/moPrice is per bedroom. 2 available
Harmanpreet1 br/1baEntire ApartmentJune - August 2017350$1100/moFully Furnished, Free internet
Richard1 br/1baEntire ApartmentJune - August$1095/mo
Alyssa1 br/1baEntire ApartmentJune - August 2017High$1335Unfurnished beautiful apartment overlooking Gandy Dancer with private balcony. Price negotiable
Laurita2 br/1.5ba1 bedroom/Shared common areaJuly - August 2017Geddes$500/mpApartment will be mostly empty except for 1 person. Fully furnished
Jeremiah Quarles1br/1baEntire ApartmentJune - August, 2017Broadview$1250Exact Dates are Flexible. Willing to Negotiate Rent/or Help with Utilities Cost. Fully FUrnished BY CMB. Also willing to leave some Personal FUrnishings If needed.

If you are interested in listing your apartment as available for sublet, please fill out the form below to be added to our website. Be as detailed in your description as possible and provide accurate contact information. Please note that any listings that have become “stale” or “outdated” may be removed at the management’s discretion. Please be aware that in order to successfully sublet your apartment, CMB also recommends advertising with any and all external sources that you can.

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