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NameEmail/PhoneAsking PriceSize of ApartmentBuildingDates AvailableNotes$1425Studio350 ThompsonNow - Aug 2021$27002 BedroomsGeddes HillNow - Aug 2021Hi everyone! My roommates and I are looking for a group (2-4 people) to take over our lease at the Geddes Hill Apartments. The apartment is 2 bed/1.5 bath and is located on UMich central campus (less than 10 min. walk from CCTC). Lease is Aug 30, 2020 to Aug 13, 2021.

Fully furnished, all utilities included except for electricity. Has stainless steel appliances in kitchen, 2 sinks in main bathroom, flat screen TV in living room, balcony, dining area. One parking spot, free on-site laundry, internet included too!

Contact us at if you’re interested!$17001 BedroomHigh StreeNow - Aug 2021$15001 Bedroom220 North FirstNow - Aug 2021$13751 BedroomBroadviewNow - July 2021 Entire lease takeover of a whole 1 bedroom upper-level apartment. Recently re-done bathroom & kitchen with modern appliances; fully furnished with 1 bed, 1 desk, 2 sofas, and 1 dining table. Amenities include a large balcony with a private view, a walk-in closet, free Wi-Fi, laundry on-site (and in the same building), a free parking space, AC/heating, a fitness room on-site, and available storage space. Close to both North & Central campus, with a free shuttle service. Also close to a Kroger, a gas station, and several restaurants. Will not be moving in, so the entire apartment is still completely untouched!

Please feel free to contact me for more info at:
248-345-5616 (text)
alan.noe7 (facebook)

Easy and Affordable Rent-by-the-Rooms

NameEmail/PhoneAsking PriceRooms AvailableBuildingDates AvailableNotes$6751 BedroomGeddes HillNow - Aug 2021$7991/2 BedroomCarriage HouseNow - Aug 2021 Subletting for 1 person in shared bedroom.

1 min walk to CCTC, 3 min walk to East Hall, 3 min walk to CCRB/dance building, 5 min walk to the Diag. Perfect for central and north campus students!

Fully furnished with twin beds, appliances, living room furniture, etc. Roommates are super chill and nice. Subletting for other personal reasons. I know some neighbors at Carriage House, everyone's super kind and energetic 🙂

Has a balcony, 1.5 modern baths, spacious rooms, open kitchen and living room. Flat screen TV, comfy sofa and wood dinner furniture.

I'm open to any interests for subleasing for the whole year or one semester! Hope to hear from y'all soon.$9201 BedroomGeddes HillNow - Nov 2020Open to subleasing as well!$7701/2 BedroomCarriage HouseNow - Jan 2021 Subletting for 1 person in a shared bedroom.

Our unit is on the street level so moving in will be easy.

1 min walk to CCTC, 5 min walk to the Diag, 5 min walk to Michigan League and S.State Street shops and spots. Perfect for central and north campus students!

Fully furnished with twin beds, appliances, living room furniture, etc. Roommates (3 others) are nice, clean, and respectful. Onsite laundry & 1.5 bathroom.

Rent is NEGOTIABLE, please contact me! Open to one semester or whole year.$6751/2 BedroomGeddes HillNow - Jan 2021Willing to negotiate, please contact me! The room has a wall divider as well!$7501/2 BedroomCarriage HouseNow - Aug 2021 I am currently looking for someone to sublet my Carriage House Apartment, located on Washtenaw Court (a block away from the CCTC) on Central Campus, for the Fall/Winter-2020 semesters. It is a two-floor, two-bedroom, 1.5 bath, apartment on the third floor. The price is $750 a month not including utilities which are about $50 a month. I share a room with one person and have 3 female roommates total, who are wonderful, easy-going people, and are juniors at UMich. Because of COVID-19, I am unable to continue staying in Ann Arbor for the school year and am in desperate need of someone to take my spot off my hands. It is ideal to have a female take my spot and meet my three roommates prior to moving in to make sure it is a good fit for both you and them. Please reach out if you are interested and we will begin the sublet process! Also, let me know if you have any questions!$8251/2 Bedroom350 ThompsonNow - Aug 2021The one bedroom will be shared with one other female student.$9001 BedroomGeddes HillNow - Aug 2021$4001/2 BedroomCarriage HouseNow - Feb 2021



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