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About Ann Arbor Apartments

Ann Arbor Apartments is a highly rated, “Family Owned & Operated”  rental property company in Ann Arbor Michigan that is managed by a team of caring professionals.  Our staff is made up of trained, educated and experienced individuals who offer professional property administration services that strive to eliminate resource waste and “Thinking Green” in the materials we use and purchase.

All of our locations provide both safe and comfortable neighborhoods for our residents. We currently operate 17 premier communities situated around the U of M Campus.  Ann Arbor Apartments has proudly served the University of Michigan area- Downtown – Kerrytown &  The beautiful “West Side”  for over 25 years.  Our goal is to have our residents feel like they a part of our extended family.

Amazing Amenities

We offer a number of essential amenities to our residents within each of our beautiful communities. Some of these include:

  • Free Parking
  • On-Site private Laundry Rooms
  • Secure Mail
  • Storage Space
  • Fitness Centers
  • Community Areas
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Pet friendly

Simplified Service

Our award-winning team at Ann Arbor Apartments supports you right from the beginning assisting with your application and simplifying your entire rental process.  Once we have discussed where you would like to reside and what are the most important amenities, we will work diligently in order to locate just the right home for you. Whether you need something small and cozy or a place for the whole family right down to your favorite furry best friend!

Need a roommate? Our website conveniently provides a roommate locating tool to assist in finding someone that fits your personal preferences and that will be a great household match.

Our caring staff ensure that you quickly acclimate to your new home and stay with our family for many years to come. We will provide your family with important Ann Arbor Apartment packet information.  All these helpful resources are available to our tenets online as well or on our Facebook page. This and our caring team members will smooth the moving in process and allow your family to settle right in.

Maintaining Excellence

We are also here for any of your questions and all your concerns. Ann Arbor Apartments takes immense pride in our communities and our beloved neighbors. We are dedicated to client service and place a high priority on property repairs. We are always available and prompt for any maintenance inquiries or issues.

Our firm offers several communication avenues including time efficient online maintenance request form for our busy professionals. It is an effortless process to pay through our online system or check your resident account at any time from anywhere. The professionals at Ann Arbor Apartments provide technical support to all our communities via email and telephone as well.

Ann Arbor Apartments is committed to excellence, professional property administration, and thriving safe communities. As our growing company continues to evolve, we learn from our customers exactly how to serve them best. Check out our schedule a tour page today and visit one of our premier communities today. We look forward to getting to know you and welcoming you into our family.

Ann Arbor Apartment Guide

Ann Arbor is better known for the University of Michigan but that is far from all it has to offer. Residents enjoy an old-world local culture and a wide variety of arts. If you are considering a move to Ann Arbor you are in excellent company. It is home to both university students and young entrepreneurs.

Ann Arbor Educational Opportunities

Ann Arbor has the distinction of being the Washtenaw County seat. It is home to not only the University of Michigan, but several other excellent colleges. Many students seek employment at one of the many educational facilities instead of moving back home upon graduation. This is one of the most popular reasons individuals move to Ann Arbor. The following list is only a portion of the educational possibilities the area has to offer.

  • The University of Michigan
  • Concordia University Ann Arbor
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Schoolcraft College
  • University of Michigan Dearborn
  • DeVry University Michigan
  • Monroe County Community College
  • Siena Heights University
  • Marygrove College
  • College for Creative Studies
  • Wayne State University

Just off the University of Michigan Campus edge is the State Street, Main Street, and South University Business Districts. The Kerrytown Marketplace is home to tons of great shops and a wide range of wonderful restaurants. It was named for County Kerry of Ireland, so it, of course, offers traditional pub foods.

Ann Arbor Recreational Opportunities

Washtenaw County citizens take great pride in carefully maintaining the historic architecture to preserve its nostalgic appeal. You can step back in time to enjoy numerous antique stores and attractions. Check out a few of the more recent Ann Arbor attraction additions.

The Kerrytown Concert House offers an intimate environment with its 110-seat venue. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to uniting audiences and brilliant artists. The Kerrytown Concert House offers experiences in diverse music and theatre genres.

Students, educators, and community members use this venue to make emerging talent available as well as affordable to the public. Artists are local neighbors, national talents, and international artists. The Kerrytown Concert House walls also feature a monthly rotation of gorgeous art exhibits.

The Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market offers much more than tasty fresh produce. The vendors include more than 100 different participants. Products range from fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables, and nuts to locally made cheese, yogurt, baked bread, and maple syrup. The Farmers’ Market Food trucks offer delicious cuisines such as wood-fired pizza, vegetarian gourmet, and culturally diverse dishes.

The Ann Arbor’s Artisans’ Market displays a collection of beautifully handmade items and inspiring works of art. It is both intimate and quaint but offers something for just about everyone. Visitors can park for free and there is no admission charge. The Ann Arbor’s Artisans’ Market is a true expression of the city’s arts and culture.

Ann Arbor Cultural Experiences

Regardless of budget and preferences, Ann Arbor offers all sorts of experiences. The examples below are not an exhaustive list. They do provide an excellent mix of attractions to experience in Ann Arbor Michigan.

  • Michigan Stadium
  • University of Michigan Art Museum
  • Matthaei Botanical Gardens
  • Nichols Arboretum
  • Creature Conservancy
  • Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum
  • Gallup Park
  • Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
  • Law Quadrangle
  • Leslie Science Center

The residential areas of Ann Arbor include a variety of architectural structures from ranch style homes to 19th-century designs. You will also find more contemporary style homes, condominiums, and apartment complexes. The West Side’s old-world style neighborhood was listed with the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. Many non-profit organizations work with strictly regulated city ordinances to protect their beautiful town and distinct heritage.

Ann Arbor has been credited for its diverse economic structure. This is in part due to its rapid growth in both the health care and technology industries. In addition to the vast career opportunities, Ann Arbor provides a wide range of outdoor recreation including over 150 parks, hot air balloon rides, and the Huron River. It has been accredited with the honor of being named on the list of Best Bike-Friendly Cities.

Situated near the UM Campus is the Michigan Theatre. This is where the Ann Arbor Film Festival takes place. It began in the early 60s making it one of the oldest of its kind. When you visit the theatre don’t forget to check out Barton Opus 245 pipe organ. Ann Arbor also supports a thriving night-life and lively entertainment scene. Residents can enjoy fine dining, concert halls, and movie theaters.

Ann Arbor Apartment Hunting & Preplanning

The quest for your first apartment can quickly become overwhelming. There are numerous details involved in moving and many are often overlooked. It is better to preplan a move. Be prepared to invest some time into pre-planning your move to Ann Arbor. Investing time and effort in advance will save you a great deal of hassle and heartache down the road.

The first thing you should do is create a budget and a list of apartment must-haves. Determine your total income before listing your expenses. Open a document on your laptop or go old school with pen and paper. You will also need to create a moving budget. This will not be a recurring payment but is still essential to your move.

Your monthly cost of living is recurring. Start by listing the obvious expenses. This will help you brainstorm all your expenses. Add these as you think of them. Below is a list of the traditional cost of living expenses.

  • Apartment Rent
  • Electric Bill
  • Heat / Gas (If applicable.)
  • Cable Television / Internet
  • Vehicle Payment or Transportation Charge
  • Fuel
  • Insurance – Health, Auto, Renters’, & Life
  • Cell Phone
  • Groceries
  • Student Loans
  • Credit Card / Loan Payments
  • Entertainment

Weigh your monthly expenses against your total income from all sources. Remember that this does not necessarily set in stone. Budgets are best designed to be a bit flexible. While you should stick to it as much as possible, you must also be prepared to adjust it in the beginning and over time.

It is a good idea to revisits your budget every few months. This way you can add or remove items as necessary. You may pay one bill off or incur a new one. Your income may increase or decrease. Your budget will likely evolve naturally as you become more experienced with using it and your situation changes.

You should set up an emergency fund savings account in your new. Many people fail to understand the importance of preparing for unexpected events. If and when disaster does strike you will be able to better handle hurdles thrown your way. This type of savings fund is much like insurance against something that could happen, but you hope it never does.

Modern Apartment Search

You should now have two figures. One is your moving fund and the other is your monthly budget. Your next step is to create a list of amenities and/or apartment features you must have, those you would like to include, and items that are deal breakers.

For example, college students should consider moving close to campus and career-oriented individuals may want to be closer to work. Whether children and/or pets are welcome can be a deal breaker for some families with young and/or fuzzy members.

In the past, people looked to the classifieds of the local paper to find apartments to rent. Today, there are digital methods which make the process much simpler. You can search the local classifieds on the local newspaper or channel’s website. Apartment complexes generally have their own websites as well as Facebook business pages.

Ann Arbor Premium Apartments

CMB is one of the most awarded property management companies in all of Ann Arbor. They offer residents 17 different locations all conveniently close to the University of Michigan. CMB has quaint four-bedroom homes, deluxe studios, and one, two, or three-bedroom apartments. They also offer 18 different floor plans to choose from. You can find a list of rentals available on our CMB Ann Arbor Apartment properties webpages.

CMB Premier Locations

  • Geddes Hill – Central Campus
  • Packard – Central Ann Arbor
  • Broadview – North Campus
  • Thompson – Central Campus
  • Carriage House – Central Campus
  • McKinley – Central Campus
  • Eastwind Apartments – East Side
  • Miller Maple Townhomes – Central Campus
  • Miller Avenue – West Side
  • High Street Apartments – Kerry Town
  • North First – North West Ann Arbor
  • West Huron – West Side
  • North Division – Kerry Town
  • Sylvan – Ann Arbor
  • Parkside Apartments – West Side

You cannot only browse CMB’s available apartments in Ann Arbor, you can also schedule a tour and apply online. Visit the website to review renter’s resources and the various apartment amenities they offer.

Renter Resource Portal

  • Pay your rent online.
  • They provide an area to request maintenance.
  • List your apartment for subletting.
  • Find a suitable roommate online.
  • There is an entire section of helpful apartment living articles.
  • Use the search engine to find available apartments in the location you need.
  • The website contains moving-in and moving-out packets.
  • Download a resident handbook.
  • They provide a furnishing assistance request form.
  • Review the tenant rights handbook.

CMB Ann Arbor Apartments offer a wide selection of valuable amenities. A few examples are listed below. Feel free to contact us with inquiries about all our amenities and resources.

Apartment Amenities

  • On-Campus
  • Off-Campus
  • Wi-Fi / Internet
  • Sheltered Parking
  • 24-Hour Maintenance
  • Fitness Centers
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Family / Community Hall
  • Balcony Access
  • Furnishing Assistance

Take inventory of your furniture and household items. Mark notations as you go to help determine which things you want to move to your new apartment. There may be items you want to get rid of completely. Consider donating these to a local thrift shop or church. This will also help you determine which types of furniture and necessities you need for your new apartment.

A moving day yard sale can help you raise money to cover moving expenses. You might also rent a small storage unit for things you do not want to let go of and do not want to take to the new place. If you cannot afford to rent one, perhaps friends or family will allow you to store it in their basement or attic temporarily.

Apartment Necessities

  • Bed
  • Couch
  • Cookware
  • Dinnerware
  • Flatware
  • Bed Linen
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Food/Household Items

Note: Contact our CMB staff to inquire about available furnishings or furnishing requests. We are happy to help you find what you need.

Move Smart

It is a good idea to carefully pack your belongings well in advance of moving. This provides plenty of time to decide what you need. Label the boxes so you can find everything easily once your apartment is full of boxes.

It is common practice to move all at once but have no energy to unpack the same day. Use a lidded tote to pack items you will need to find quickly. Label this ‘open first’. You most likely will not feel like digging in all the boxes to find your can opener or a bath towel.

Open First Box

  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Hygiene Products
  • Simple Meals
  • Can Opener
  • Small Tool Kit
  • Clean Clothes
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Toilet Paper
  • Device Chargers
  • Professional or Student Supplies
  • Laptop
  • Cell Phone
  • Pet Food / Supplies
  • Bed Linen

Pre-Moving Tips

  • Review apartment lease before signing it.
  • Fill out a change of address form for the local post office.
  • Transfer or turn on utilities, cable, and internet.
  • Locate all vital documents and place in a safe place.
  • Schedule cleaning days for the old and new apartment.
  • Schedule a utility shut-off or transfer date.
  • Create an inventory list of your belongings.
  • Return all library books and other borrowed items.
  • Transfer maintenance prescriptions to the new pharmacy.
  • Locate and organize school records.
  • Obtain your medical documents and records.

Post-Moving Tips

  • Unpack, organize, and decorate.
  • Test your smoke, carbon monoxide, and/or radon detectors.
  • Review your inventory list.
  • Register to vote in your new home city.
  • Create a list of new and emergency service phone numbers.
  • Visit the DMV for an updated driver’s license.
  • Create a what-if evacuation or emergency meet-up plan.

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We are the most Awarded Property Management Company in Ann Arbor. The reason is simple. It stems from our philosophy:  “Treat all our Residents like Family!”

So whether you would prefer to live in one of our Deluxe Studio, 1-2-3 bedroom Apartments or a Charming 4 Bedroom Home, you can be assured that we will always work hard at making your stay with us as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.  

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