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High Street Resident

It is with sad news that I have to tell you that my wife and I will be leaving Ann Arbor this summer to move back to the Philadelphia area. We have absolutely loved our last four years renting through you guys, and we couldn't have asked for a better management company. We found you by chance back in 2011 and never once considered moving anywhere else within Ann Arbor. Thank you so much for your exceptional service from front desk to maintenance. Keep up the great work!

Lanice A.
CMB Resident, Yelp reviewer

I have consistently experienced the best residential support services of my life with CMB Property Management. The staff are friendly and helpful… Anytime I have submitted a maintenance request I have received a prompt response. Whether it was changing light bulbs, replacing/removing furniture, or servicing the plumbing and electricity, maintence quickly and thoroughly ensured that I have an optimal living environment. I intend to continue renting from CMB for the remainder of my years in Ann Arbor, and I strongly recommend their properties to all of the incoming graduate students looking for housing. In some ways, your property management company can make or break your living experience and with CMB, it’s all in the service. I couldn’t be happier!

Stephanie R.
CMB Resident

Thank you so much!! I have loved living in Carriage House Apartments and I’m going to miss living with CMB so much! You guys run a great service and I had a wonderful year. Your timely and friendly response to all concerns was a pleasure to have and I honestly couldn't have had a better living experience. Thank you again!”

Rob M.
University of Michigan student

I would like to thank you for your kindness and professionalism. My roommate and I were very impressed with how you handle your business… Being a college student can render poor service from businesses, restaurants, etc., but you have treated us with the same professionalism and care as any other client.

Jordan B.
CMB Resident

We have found that you are the best landlords in Ann Arbor and we love living with you guys. You are very helpful, all of our maintenance issues are immediately addressed, your accommodations to us have been great.

Google Places reviewer

I was very surprised to find such close apartments to the University in Ann Arbor and they have great rooms at a great price. Thanks for helping me in such a short amount of time. Pros: Fast, friendly, great rooms and location. Cons: Wish I would have looked here sooner : )

Andrei C.
Graphic Designer

Working with CMB was a real treat! Very friendly and creative people. I would like to take this opportunity and wish you all the success in the future. Keep up the good work. Ann Arbor needs you!

Manu M.
Auto Transport Michigan

CMB is one of the best company we did business with in Michigan. They are very professional and friendly. We look forward to do business with them in the future. Great company! I recommend to everyone leaving in Ann Arbor! ”

Jeff M.
Roofing Companies Michigan

It is with pleasure and confidence that I recommend CMB to any homeowner/property investor in Ann Arbor area who may looking for a property management company to supervise their rental needs.
CMB is doing such a nice job in maintaining their proprieties. Everything about this place is great! ”

Gregory M.
Broadview Resident

I am the tenant living in Broadview Apartments in Ann Arbor who offered my apartment for showing. I just wanted to say thank you for the upgrades, they are incredible! I didn't realize they would be this amazing. I'll be sure to take care of any of the new equipment as if it were my own.

Also, I just wanted to let you know that the your employee, the man installing the upgrades (I believe his name is Josh, I met him only once), is doing a great job and is really kind. Unfortunately I am out of the apartment for most of the day, from early morning to late evening, so I do not run into him much but please let him know that I really appreciate his efforts. He's doing a fantastic job and really cares about making my apartment nice! Thank you and take care!

A. Benjamin
High Street Resident

CMB has been extremely thoughtful and attentive to our needs. The maintenace team is fabulous, handling any problem very promptly and kindly. They are real wizards. And the staff is very human, nice, understanding and compassionate. We love the Ann Arbor townhome, as well (Miller/Maple). They are really spacious on the inside and have nice backyards. CMB really maintains everything inside and out to keep it looking pretty. Whenever we've had any issues they've been more than willing to discuss them and to find a good solution, which is rare in landlords. They are also GREAT about allowing pets. I would highly recommend renting from cmb and I can assure you, I am a real resident here. While we understand that real estate is a business, they don't make it feel that way...maybe because it's family run.

K. Wilcox
Everything we are looking for!

"I completely fell in love with the 1 bedroom apartment set-up I was shown during my tour of 350 Thompson on January 7th! The floor to ceiling windows were lovely and the location is perfect. This apartment is everything my roommate and I are looking for."


Justin is a constant professional and a 1st class worker. He listens to your needs and handles. them immediately. Definatley knows what he's doing and does a great job. We appreciate all the great updates and repairs he has handled fot our apartment.

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CMB Property Management has proudly served Ann Arbor since 1992, providing our residents with the highest level of hospitality and experienced service providers. It is of the utmost importance to us that we are maintaining the highest quality standard in product as well as services provided by CMB. This page is a testimonial to that effect, we don’t want you to just take our word for it. Listen to what others have to say about their experiences living with CMB.

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