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Posted by Friendly Design on May 22, 2017
Roommate Carpool in apartments downtown Ann Arbor

Apartment roommate carpool has been around for a while. Originally the concept was associated with school children’s ball games when a parent would load up kids and friends in one soccer mom van. Times have changed and, today, adults carpool for many reasons. There are many convenient reasons to join or even start your own carpool.

Financially Sound

One of the most common reasons individuals carpool within apartment Ann Arbor complexes is to save money. Generally, sharing a ride means sharing the cost. This is frugal for both driver and passengers. Think about it. The money you spend on gas in one week is cut in half. Multiply that by 52 weeks in the year and you save a bundle of cash.

Think about your total transportation cost divided by 3 or 4. This money could be a little extra pocket money or used to pay off credit card debt. You could also begin advanced payments on college student loans. Consider starting a savings account and putting the half you save on gas each week into a savings account.

Road Safety

Carpooling is believed to be safer than driving on highways alone. There are more people to resolve the issue, should the vehicle break down. No one will be stranded on the road alone waiting for help.

Other drivers are more likely to notice a car full of people than they are a car carrying one individual. There was a time when drivers placed a dummy or an inanimate passenger alternative to give the illusion that there were more riders in the car.

Earth Friendly

Another popular reason people share rides is to protect the environment. If you are eco-conscious, you are probably aware of the dangers of co2 emissions. Carbon dioxide is thought to be one cause of the greenhouse effects. Scientists say that co2 is one major contributor to global warming. A single vehicle sends 4.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air every year. Four people sharing a ride eliminates 14.1 tons metric tons of co2 emissions per year.

Ride Share Tips

One of the most important keys to smooth carpooling is organization. Planning in advance using everyone’s schedule saves a great deal of hassle in the long run. Without organization, attempts to carpool often fail. Sticking as closely as possible to a mapped route is also essential. Check with your apartment manager to see, if you can post the idea on the community bulletin board or in the monthly newsletter.

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