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Naturally Spring Cleaning your Apartment

Posted by Friendly Design on April 21, 2017
Spring Cleaning Naturally for your Apartment Ann Arbor

When considering all the toxins in our environment today, it is important to understand that many are lurking right inside your apartment Ann Arbor. The number of toxins just within your home may actually surprise you. Most commercial cleaners, air fresheners, and laundry detergents have harsh chemicals. This does not even include those that the average person uses on his/her body.

Disinfect Your Life

Eliminating toxins from your apartment is a process and, in the end, a lifestyle change. It may be easiest to choose a couple cleaners every week or each month to tackle. Commercially manufactured disinfectants are extremely harsh therefore a good first step is making your own, natural disinfectant.

A simple, yet effective solution to disinfectant your apartment contains one part of vinegar to every two parts of water. You should use a completely clean spray bottle to store it in and keep it close to the kitchen. This way you can use it to wipe away the germs from food preparation on your countertops. Adding 10 drops of your favorite essential oil can make your kitchen smell awesome. Some examples are tea tree, lemon, or orange oil.

Mist your apartment’s kitchen countertops with the solution when you are ready to clean up. Allow it to sit and penetrate for a few minutes before wiping them all down. This spray may also be used to wipe down, disinfect, and add a bit of fragrance to just about any area of the house.

More Muscle

From time to time, the bathroom may require a bit more muscle than the kitchen. A stronger solution of equal parts water and vinegar will boost your cleaning spray power. If your grout and tile need a touch up, create a paste with water and baking soda. Spread this onto the tile and down into the grout then allow it to remain for a bit to soak up the grime. You can simply rinse this clean with warm water or spray with your vinegar cleaner and scrub before rinsing.

Regularly cleaning your apartment will cut down on the amount of scrubbing that you do. Sometimes it is not possible to get to it with a busy schedule. Baking soda may also be used as a scouring agent in the bottom of the tub, shower, or sink. Sprinkle it on dry and use a damp sponge to scour the area then rinse. Enhancing your bathroom cleaner with a flowery essential oil mix will give your bathroom a fresh scent to boot.  Your half and half vinegar spray, without the added oils, can be used to make your mirrors, glass, and facets sparkle as well.

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