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Apartment Apothecary

Posted by Friendly Design on January 20, 2015
Apartment Apothecary can be built in Ann arbor apartments

            At one time families who lived in the country only knew the healing power of herbs as there were no other remedies. The word usually evokes an image which is accompanied by a large country home filled with shelves, glass topper bottles, and countless old books. While this images is ideal; it is not necessary to own a big home in order to set up an apothecary. It simply requires a bit of planning and a great deal of organizational skills. The first step is to decide what is needed to accomplish which goals.


            Most traditional medicines were originally derived from plants and are now produced from a synthetic version of the same plant. Herbal teas, salves, and concoctions may be used to alleviate many different symptoms. For example, a tea from steeping Lavender and Echinacea can bring relief to those suffering from cold symptoms. A few drops of mint and/or eucalyptus oil in hot bath water relieves sore, aching muscles. There are a number of herbs which can not only be used, but grown, harvested and prepared in apartments. A concise list of simple herbs to consider might include:

  • Calendula or Marigold soothes skin irritations
  • Cilantro for digestion disorders
  • Lemon Balm for sour stomach
  • Peppermint for aching muscles
  • Mullein for respiratory infections
  • Thyme for colds and flu
  • Lavender to reduce stress
  • Chamomile for sleepless nights
  • Echinacea for antibacterial properties

The above list is by no means all of the world’s herbs or the extent of what those listed will actually help. It is only a small list of examples which are relatively easy to grow and extremely useful. They may be grown inside in buckets, pots, or windowsill boxes. These herbs can also be grown in extremely small backyards, on balconies, or even at the corners of an apartment Ann Arbor.


            It is difficult to organize anything in small apartment, but that does not mean it is impossible. Bookshelves may be used to store herbs and supplies to create home remedies. They can also house the required informational books. Old dressers can be quite handy and do not necessarily need to be in the kitchen. Under the bed shoe storage boxes are another idea. These things may be found for only a little money at thrift shops, second hand stores, and dollar stores.

            The possibilities for storing the individual herbs themselves are endless. Mason jars are an excellent idea since they are made of glass and can be sealed completely. Candles in jars with old fashioned stopper type lids work well too. These can be found at yard sales and flea markets, as well as the dollar sections of many stores. The jars can be cleaned up by setting them in hot water to melt the old wax and remove the labels. They actually turn out to be beautiful additions to apartment homes. Herbs should be stored in glass containers with sealable lids.

            It is a good idea to label all of the containers which herb will be stored in. There are a number of free printable labels available on the internet. It can also be fun to hand design each label and it adds a personal touch to home apothecaries. Remember that all of these herbs may be used to create wonderful and tasty meals as well.

Important Note: Most modern medicines are derived from the chemical properties of herbs. This means they can cause side effects just as prescriptions and OTCs can. They can also interact dangerously with other medications. Pregnant and/or nursing women should always consult a medical professional before consuming any type of herbal remedy.

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