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Posted by Friendly Design on May 14, 2017
Solar Shine & Twinkling Studio Terraces

Decorating your apartment’s terrace with Solar Shine & Twinkling Studio can be fun and express your family’s individuality. Renters choose to do this for specific holidays while others are more once and done people. Whichever is the case, there are many available and exciting options. One of the central elements of Ann Arbor apartment balcony décor is the lighting.

Solar Advantages

Decorating any outdoor spot with lighting can be a challenge. If it is in the yard, there may be no power outlets available. Even on your apartment terrace, there might only be a few. Extension cords are one answer; however, they are not only unsightly, but could present electrical hazards. Solar lights do not require an outlet, only sunshine. They are not all that expensive and can be used as a beautiful accent to any design scheme.

Holiday Themes

When solar lighting was initially introduced, traditional white or clear bulbs were all that was available. Today, solar lighting comes in a wide variety of colors and shapes. These are great options to decorate your apartment balcony with flair for the holidays or seasonal transitions.

Reds and traditional whites are excellent for the winter holidays. There are bright greens, pinks, and yellows to celebrate the onset of spring.  Solar lights may be used as the main theme of your design scheme or to accent center piece. All you need is a bit of sunshine to display your balcony masterpiece.

Décor Fixture

You may not have time to plan and redecorate every time a holiday approaches or even when the seasons change. Solar lighting is a great element of more permanent designs as well. You could run them along your apartment balcony’s railing or the edge of the awning. Pick a center piece or theme idea and choose colors, as well as shapes, to make it pop.

Brilliant Entertainment

Though many apartment dwellers are extremely busy, solar lights are simple to install and do not require that much time. If you like to throw dinner parties and entertain guests, this type of lighting is a wonderful design tool. Purchase a quality tote to keep your lights in. This way you have them on hand for future celebrations.

Tip: It is important to plan before running out and buying your solar lights. Once you have decided on your design theme and the placement of your luminous décor, you should create a budget. Determine what you can afford and measure the area before you shop.

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