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Ease Neighbor Tensions

Posted by Friendly Design on September 14, 2014
Ease Neighbor Tensions- Ann Arbor Apartments managed by CMB

            Ease neighbor tensions. Living in Ann Arbor apartment usually means having very close neighbors. This can be good and lead to fun gatherings. It can also be annoying and frustrating when the neighbors are insensitive. Most all people differ somewhat in their living habits and the hours that they keep. Many times individuals may not realize they are being a nuisance and it may help to calmly discuss this with them.

Adult Discussions

            The first step that should be taken to resolve any issue is to discuss it. It is important to do this in a calm and patient manner. Many people, including college students, get so caught up in their lives that they simply forget others exists or that others can actually hear them. Try to formulate a plan and a schedule. If a neighbor plays a musical instrument, maybe he/she will agree to do this only at certain times of day or night, depending on what works best. It is not a good idea to resort to trying to communicate through the adjoining wall. This will most likely only cause bigger issues. Try speaking with him/her face to face over lunch or during a neighborly cookout.

            Another very predominant complaint is that the neighbors have extremely loud sex. This can present an awkward problem. Again, adult discussion is the best method for resolving this problem. The neighbors may not be aware that they are loud or that the other tenants are able to hear them. This may or may not be something that should be accomplished through written correspondence. If the neighbors have a great sense of humor then a funny little note may work. Otherwise try to be polite and diplomatic while still getting the point across.

When Discussions Fail

            If nothing seems to be working, there is the option of contacting management. This option should be carefully thought out and only used when all others have been exhausted. There is a very good possibility that reporting a noisy neighbor to management will create an enemy. It may be the only action left to take. If the noise is extremely disturbing and quiet is extremely important, tenants must stand firm. Perhaps the other apartment tenants could get together and ask the noisy neighbors to quiet down. They could issue a warning that a report will be made, if the situation continues.

            Some individuals are simply more sensitive when trying to sleep. In cases where the neighbors are not actually breaking noise ordinances, some sort of white noise could help. There are actually white noise machines available on the market which play anything from soft static to nature noises and drown the other sounds preventing sleep. Low music might work well instead of white noise. Small televisions are not very expensive, especially ones that were previously owned. Perhaps late night television shows could do the trick.


            Calling the police should not be the first solution for noisy neighbors; however, it may be necessary. There are a couple of scenarios in which it is a good idea to call the police. One is if the neighbors are fighting and it sounds as if someone is or will get hurt. Another is if it sounds like children are in danger. Domestic violence is a tragic situation for anyone to be involved in. It is also one that is very real.

Following these things you can ease neighbor tensions.

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