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Think Out of the Box and in a small apartment throw a big party

Posted by Friendly Design on September 16, 2022
Think Out of the Box and in a small apartment- Ann Arbor Apartments managed by CMB

You need to think out of the box and in a small apartment. A good party is hosted for holidays, housewarmings, or even as friends get together, and it is a rocking time. Everyone gets an opportunity to connect with people. Even in a small apartment, you can host a party. There are tricks to set up, new contributions, and time-saving supplies to make party planning perfect.

Think Out of the Box and in a small apartment

Creative seating

People will move around, so do not bother about structured seating areas. Provide seating by throwing some blankets or pillows on the ground. However, keep the main living room area clear to stand comfortably. Get on rent a few tall tables. In the kitchen, ensure more space closer to snacks.

Use all the rooms

The living room during a party appears cramped, while the kitchen and the bedrooms are kept empty. Instead, encourage guests to use all the available footage and to spread out. Make the bed, clean the room, and plug the string lights to welcome. In the hallway, on a small table pop some snacks. As you allow using all the rooms, each room will give more chances for people to mingle and mix.

Mix tunes

Opening a playlist is the idea to bring everyone alive and enjoying. The collaboration of playlist does the magic. A party is incomplete without music. Before the guests arrive, you may cue a playlist. Use music apps and allow guests to include in the lineup their favorite music.

Kid’s menu

Do not miss out on the kid’s menu. Even grownups go for finger foods. Serve the crackers, cheese, and vegetables. Do not miss to prep the oven for appetizers that have samosas, quiches, or pizzettes. Ensure there are endless forks and plates. Add even paper and plastic plates so that your guests do not struggle to find a paper plate and drop a lasagna slice over your carpet. Do not miss out on the cold drinks.

Play virtual games

Getting everyone to a board game is hard. Honestly, not many would like to see Monopoly for long hours. Apps in the smartphone are good for many to play and do not take any extra space.

Other additions to pay attention to

People love drinks, but most beverages remain as abandoned cans or half-empty bottles. Instead, make signature drinks in batches. Punch bowls or pitchers go a long way, and you get to cut down on waste if the cups are reused.

So, think out of the box and in a small apartment. Also, keep paper towels in lots.  Rent a valet so that the valet service manages the parking of your guest’s transportation.

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