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Don’t Miss These Spots in Your Apartment!

Posted by Friendly Design on February 23, 2021
Don’t Miss These Spots in Your Apartment- Ann Arbor Apartments managed by CMB

Don’t Miss These Spots in Your Apartment. Did you know that three out of four renters only complete light cleaning activities at home? Although it seems like you’d save time by skipping the hard stuff, you’re creating a future repair issue for your apartment that could take a significant chunk of your security deposit.

No one is a big fan of cleaning, especially when you need to hit those hard-to-reach areas. Even though there isn’t a set time frame to manage these spots, it is a good idea to touch them up at least once per month.

Cleaning Your Baseboards

Almost every apartment has baseboards that create a seamless corner between your wall and flooring. They collect lots of dust and debris as the days pass. It is not unusual for them to get scuff marks from shoes.

Try using your vacuum’s brush attachment to clean the loose dust from the trim. A standard cleaning disinfectant will usually suffice for the rest of the dirt, stains, and scuffs.

Cleaning Your Light Fixtures

The problem with light fixtures involves the heat that they produce. When dust collects on the top of the glass, it starts “baking” to the surface. That makes it more challenging to clean it. You may need to remove it to have it soak in warm water and mild dish soap for about ten minutes to scrub it clean.

Once it is clean, try to dust the light fixture at least once weekly. Don’t forget to clean the exposed light bulbs in your bathroom and disinfect your switches to keep your apartment as safe as possible.

Cleaning Your Ceiling Fans

If your apartment has ceiling fans, the top of the blades can get exceptionally dirty. You’ll see it start collecting on the edge, accumulating until a thick layer starts shedding pieces.

Instead of cleaning the blades with a rag, use an old pillowcase to get rid of the dust. Once you get it off the fixture, toss the material into the washing machine.

If you need to clean the fan motor, use a microfiber rag to remove the dust. Don’t forget to clean and disinfect the pull chain!

Cleaning Your Curtains and Blinds

Did you know that your curtains and blinds are one of the most allergen-dense areas of your apartment? Vacuuming them should be part of your weekly cleaning routine to avoid potential health issues.

Wash your curtains about once per year to remove any lingering issues.

Blinds require dusters to go along each slat to ensure they are clean. If you see any stains, spot-clean them with a standard all-purpose product. Moving downward when cleaning will keep them intact. If you use plastic ones, try to be gentle to avoid having them crack at their hooks. So, Don’t Miss These Spots in Your Apartment.

Once you’ve reached those areas, there is one more to clean: behind the toilet. It’s hard to get tools back there, making it the perfect place for dirt, bacteria, and dust to collect. You might even get some mold in there! Tackling these spots will help your apartment feel and smell fresher every day.

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