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How to Turn Your Balcony Into a Cozy Space

Posted by Friendly Design on December 23, 2020
How to Turn Your Balcony Into a Cozy Space- Ann Arbor Apartments managed by CMB

The question is how to turn your balcony into a cozy space? Private outdoor spaces are at a premium in some apartment buildings. You might get a small balcony to use at best. If you’re lucky enough to have one, you can do better than a lawn chair to enjoy that space.

These ideas can transform even the smallest balconies into a cozy space that you’ll love.

How to Turn Your Balcony Into a Cozy Space

1. Incorporate a small table.

Adding a café table to your balcony can offer a practical way to increase your usable space. Choose a design that folds up so that you can maximize your storage simultaneously.

2. Use benches to increase seating.

Although built-in seating may violate your lease, some benches can expand the usability of a small balcony. This option reduces the risk of having the wind knocking things over when you try to use this space.

3. Use floor pillows as a cost-effective alternative.

If your balcony has a protected cover, consider using outdoor pillows for your seating. It’ll be easier to store, cost less than furniture, and keep you within the terms of your rental agreement.

4. Add an outdoor rug to the balcony.

Most outdoor balconies look drab and boring. It might be nothing more than a concrete slab with a fence or rail added to guard against an accidental fall. If you place a rug that can handle being outside in this area, it will start feeling a lot more like home.

5. Use the walls.

If you have hooks or posts already installed around your balcony, consider hanging plants or artwork that can handle the weather to create a colorful space. When these assets come from the ceiling, you could install a hammock or a chair to use. Please remember to ask for permission first if there aren’t existing structures to avoid violating your lease terms.

6. Create a “happy hour” spot.

Your balcony should be a place that helps you relax and unwind after a long day of work or classes. When you create an area that produces happiness, you’ll find the apartment life gets even better! Although you could potentially use this spot for cocktails, a balcony works well for meditating, deep breathing, mindfulness, and similar activities. Build a place where you can be you.

7. Add life to your balcony.

If there isn’t enough room on your balcony for seating, consider turning it into a small garden, flower bed, or tropical escape. There’s always room to add plants, even if it ends up being along the balcony railing. If you have room for pots or containers, that area could get turned into a small garden.

8. Create more structure to obtain some privacy.

When balconies go right up against a neighbor’s space, consider adding some tall plants to create a privacy barrier. You could also get a room divider that stands independently of the apartment’s structure to create separation. When you want to reduce who can see you from the street, try using balcony planters with small shrubs to have a natural barrier. So, you got your answer- How to Turn Your Balcony Into a Cozy Space.

Your balcony can become a peaceful sanctuary with a little planning. Use these ideas to create the perfect oasis for relaxation today!

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