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Simple Natural Ways to Eliminate Mice without Killing Them

Posted by Friendly Design on January 22, 2022
Eliminate Mice

Are you enjoying your stay in an apartment and feeling the liberty of student life? Yes, it is a great stay. But, if you spot even one mouse randomly running, immediately act. Mice are furry critters that may turn into dozens within a few weeks. It is an uphill battle to get rid of them.

A few simple ways to eliminate mice


Use Mouse Repellent Scents

Use a scent that mice hate. Hateful scents are spicy scents having cayenne pepper and garlic. Peppermint is also not the favorite of mice. Mice have a sharp smell sense, implement these odors in your home at key points and deter them from entering.

Get some cotton balls and peppermint oil. Soak and place them in areas or spots you suspect the mice activity. These scents do not harm the mice, and it is also safer for other household pets or children. However, mice are smart, so be ready to supplement with other tactics, like sealing home tight.

 Mouse-Proof Your Home

The easiest way of eliminating rodents is by preventing them before they enter. In the cold months, the mice want a warm place to eat and nest. It means you must mouse-proof your home:

  • Trim the branches of the trees near your home and avoid the mice from entering your attic or room.
  • Use weather strips and seal all doors and window frames to avert access.
  • Locate gaps and holes; seal them with durable steel wool or sheet metal. It is a must because an average mouse fits in any opening that is ¼ inch.
  • Ensure the trash cans are away from your home.


Use Non-Lethal Traps

A safe alternative to eliminate mice is to use rat traps. Get some toxic glue traps to catch the mice without causing any harm. These traps have bait and as mice have a sweet tooth, lure them. Place some chocolate, cookie crumbs, or peanut butter to entice the mice. Place it near the areas having mice droppings. It is a rodent activity sign. This method is appropriate only if it is the beginning stage. Also remember, to travel more than half a mile away from your apartment and to release them.

Maintain a Clean Home

Rodents love unsanitary conditions. Living in a student apartment comes with some responsibilities. You must ensure the attic, garage, and closet areas are free from clutter. Keep remaining food in airtight containers. Use metal containers as trash bins and keep the rodents away.

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