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How to Manage a Noisy Neighbor

Posted by Friendly Design on March 5, 2021
How to Manage a Noisy Neighbor- Ann Arbor Apartments managed by CMB

The question is how to manage a noisy neighbor. Have you seen the GEICO commercial where a couple in a downstairs apartment talked about a clogging problem upstairs? The picture switches to a large family, all wearing clogs and performing tap-dancing moves.

The noise is considerably loud, and it continues non-stop. Even a little drywall dust filters down from the ceiling.

Although that example is intended to be funny because it is extreme, living in an apartment can provide similar experiences. You can hear when people get home, if they stomp around, and even some loud conversations.

When the music plays loud, you’ll know what genre your neighbor prefers.

Even when an apartment building is appropriately insulated, you can hear noisy neighbors at all the wrong times. These tips can help you start managing the situation.

How to Manage a Noisy Neighbor?

Determine If It Is a Rules Violation

Does your lease have a quiet enjoyment clause? If it does, that means you have the right to times when the volume should be kept down. It is not unusual to have these rules follow the same expectations as your city’s ordinance laws. In Ann Arbor, those times are between 10 PM and 7 AM.

Document What Happens

The easiest and safest way to manage a noisy neighbor is to document the rules violations. When you hear unwanted sounds coming into your apartment, write down what you hear and for how long the issue occurs. Keep entering the examples until you believe enough evidence exists to bring the concern to your landlord or property manager.

The Courtesy Knock

Most neighbors don’t realize how loud they are being during their activities. The transition from living with parents to a first apartment creates some moments where one might forget their environment because of old habits. Offering a courtesy knock on the wall, floor, or ceiling is a gentle reminder that you’re all living together.

Pounding on the wall isn’t a good idea. That action is seen as aggressive, and it often leads to neighbor disputes.

Chat With Your Neighbor

Instead of confronting the behavior, consider talking with your neighbor about what is happening. This option serves well if you want to establish a relationship. Conversations always work better than letters.

If you don’t feel comfortable with this step, some apartments offer the services of a courtesy offer to convey your message. You can also bring some other neighbors to have a group meeting about what is happening so that everyone gets on the same page.

Contact Your Landlord or Property Manager

It is in everyone’s best interest to keep the volume down in an apartment building. When your efforts at keeping the peace aren’t working, send over your noise complaint documentation to detail your concerns. It can be an informal request to review the situation or something more formal, such as a noise complaint. So, you got the answer How to Manage a Noisy Neighbor.

Apartment living can be a lot of fun. You’ll meet new people, make some new friends, and experience independence. Encountering a noisy neighbor doesn’t need to be what takes these benefits away! By following these steps, most situations get resolved quickly.

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