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Kid-Friendly Apartment Patio Picnics

Posted by Friendly Design on June 25, 2017
Kid-Friendly Apartment Patio Picnics

Kid-Friendly Apartment Patio Picnics

A terrific way to celebrate summer days with the kids is on the apartment patio with goodies. Children enjoy helping in the kitchen and love finger foods. Eating on the balcony also makes cleaning a breeze. There are many treats which are simple, healthy, and fun to prepare.

Fun Fruity Kabobs

An essential element of any meal you serve your family is nutrition. Making fruit kabobs with the kids in your studio kitchen is not only fun, but provides a healthy snack. Make whole grain mini pancakes ahead of time. You will also need bananas, strawberries, and peanut butter. Spread a peanut butter on one side of all the pancakes and slice the fruit. Slide on as many as will fit on each skewer, alternating them as you go.

Amazingly Versatile Muffins

Muffin recipes are extremely versatile, healthy, and inexpensive to prepare. They can be made with whole grains, fruits, veggies, and even meat. If your children are very small and do not help in the kitchen, you can also sneak healthier ingredients into muffin mixes. Consider topping fruity muffins with sweetened cream cheese for a cupcake appeal.

Turkey Pinwheels

Turkey pinwheels are a cinch to make, easily portable, and make a great main dish for your Ann Arbor Apartment patio picnic. You need soft flour tortillas, shaved turkey breast, and sliced cheese. Place a layer of turkey then a layer of cheese on the tortillas. Roll these up, wrap style and insert toothpicks about every ½ inch or so. Cut between the toothpicks to create the pinwheels.

Apartment Kitchen Detail

Since the kids will be assisting in the preparations, it may be an appropriate time to teach them to clean up as well. Studio Kitchens are generally on the small side so it is important to keep tidy. Otherwise, space is short and it is difficult to accomplish anything. There are many tasks even small children can complete. While taller children can wash dishes, shorter kids can gather trash or stack dirty plates.

Ask your Community

There are probably many other parents living in your apartment complex. They may want to join in the fun. Each family can prepare one or two items and everyone can meet under a tree for a blanket picnic instead of on the studio balcony. Check with the apartment office to see, if there is a pavilion or set area for these types of events.

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