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5 useful Studio Apartment space defining tips

Posted by Friendly Design on January 9, 2023
Studio Apartment space defining tips- Ann Arbor Apartments managed by CMB

In this article, we will share Studio Apartment space defining tips. It is possible to create functional zones even in small apartments. It will appear and feel like separate rooms. To ensure a comfortable studio apartment, you may search for expert ideas on the web. The space can be divided into functional areas. This will make your small apartment to feel more homey and complete.

5 useful Studio Apartment space defining tips

  • Complementary color palettes: For the living area, use three colors, with one being predominating. For your bedroom, use any of the accent colors of the main area as primary color. Although it will feel separate, it still will be connected. Different colors can be used on walls in select spots to define zones. Accent walls do offer visual cue on desiring something different.
  • Rugs: Within a single space, it helps create multiple zones. They are rather a visual map stating clearly what’s what. For your living area, choose a large rug that runs beneath every seating piece that is incorporated. Another rug may run perpendicular to your bed’s feet. This will form a U-shaped walkway and provide some separation. Bigger rug will make the space appear bigger.
  • Reappropraite closet: In any studio apartment, closet storage is considered to be a luxury. It can serve as bed nook, if closet storage is too shallow for hanging clothing properly. Push bed head within after removing doors, thus creating a separate bedroom.
  • Move furniture towards the middle: Furniture in a small bedroom should be to the bare minimum. Line them up along the walls can help save ample space. But you may take some bold steps to break up your small room. Experiment and turn them in diverse directions to know what works. Sectional sofa can effectively create a division in your apartment. It also distracts from bed. Faux wall can be created with a sofa. Arc shaped floor lamp can enhance the small room design. It encloses a particular area, thereby creating a chandelier lighting or pendant illusion. Empty vertical space can be fitted with this type.
  • See-through objects: They can act as dividers between your bed and study table. Open bookshelf is also a wonderful choice or a birdcage to sit atop your desk. Both birdcage and book case offers definition. It also allows light to penetrate, something vital for a small apartment having few windows. Curtain can also be used to separate the bedroom and living room.

The right approach taken along with valuable tips can help transform your small apartment into a haven. These are the studio apartment space defining tips.


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