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4 reasons to avoid hotels and seek serviced apartments

Posted by Friendly Design on November 16, 2022
4 reasons to avoid hotels and seek serviced apartments- Ann Arbor Apartments managed by CMB

Perhaps you have heard about temporary residences from your friends and looking to rent one. These are furnished suites and serviced apartments that are designed to allow both short as well as long-term accommodations. 4 reasons to avoid hotels and seek serviced apartments

They do have the essential amenities and facilities desired during your stay when away from home. It is popular among companies, business owners, and those who prefer to stay in luxury. Such living arrangement is appreciated by everyone.

4 reasons to avoid hotels and seek serviced apartments

  • When compared to regular hotels, the monthly rent of furnished apartments is quite affordable. You can derive a better bargain if you can share the room with others. Besides this, rent charges are fixed. This means no need to worry about taxes or service charges. The kitchen also comes with essential items allowing you to cook your own food whenever desired.
  • With serviced apartments, you can derive an ambiance similar to your home. You will feel as if you are in your home and never left it and are just on a trip to another place. Hotels are found to be too impersonal and also quite expensive. Most apartments belonging to this category provide essential features and amenities like laundry, housekeeping, and parking spaces. This way, you can get a residence where you can reside in luxury and pursue your studies without any disturbance or hassle.
  • It can rightly be stated that serviced apartments are homes with all the necessary amenities that hotel rooms might not have. It includes dining and kitchen area, office/study desk, furniture like sofa, etc. You can also enjoy a strong Wi-Fi connection and other features essential to lead a comfortable life be it for the short term.
  • You have the luxury to rent an apartment at your desired location based on your set budget. It can be near your college, office or close to any of the famous landmarks where you may spend your free time. There are available single-bedroom apartments that you may rent out to live alone or share with others.

These are the 4 reasons to avoid hotels and seek serviced apartments.

The fact is that serviced apartments are fast becoming the preferred choice among those seeking accommodations. It is indeed a wonderful choice for students who seek all the facilities that they otherwise enjoy at their home. This way, you are sure to not miss your home. Also, you will be paying a fixed rental amount every month and not bother about anything else.

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