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How to get sleep with a snoring roommate

Posted by Friendly Design on December 7, 2021
snoring roommate

Sleeping is an activity that gives rest to your mind and body. However, it is not the same for every student with their roommates. How to deal with a snoring roommate?


There are two scenarios:

  • The first case is where you have a stellar roommate.
  • The second is not a comfortable roommate, and snoring is an added discomfort.


With the second scenario, you can request to change your room or look for new accommodation elsewhere.


However, as per the first scenario, with a stellar roommate, combat your roommate snoring with these tips:


Communicate the Issue

Recognizing the snoring roommate shows you have sleeping trouble. It is a must to communicate the same to your roommate. You can reach out and talk about the situation to your friends, but do not embarrass your good roommate. He/ she must not come to know about their snoring from others outside.


It is the reason you must bring it to notice to your roommate. Snoring is an involuntary action, and it does not relate to any personal problem or poor hygiene. Many times people who snore are unaware they snore. Casually bring the topic by asking ‘Do you know or did anyone tell that you snore in your sleep?”


The response may be Yes or No; the key is to browse the internet and find solutions. It should not sound like an intervention, and also avoid making comments on snoring. Be together and find a solution; if not, work on the issue later.


Being a Part of the Solution

With a snoring roommate, it is difficult to make the room livable. It is because you experience difficulty in sleeping, with the snoring sound by your bedside. One option is to go to bed before your roommate and sleep off.


Another simple fix to the snoring issue is the earplugs. But, the problem is in not hearing the alarm and reaching in time for classes or the gym. Finally, if there Is no suitable solution or alternative, let your roommate know they must work on their snoring activity and find some trick to put an end to it.


A bigger issue

A roommate snoring cannot be a lighter issue. It affects the most important part of your life, your sleep, and is a big issue. Snoring is associated with obesity, hypothyroidism, sleep apnea, or a deviated septum. Your roommate may be aware of the issue and may be reluctant to work on fixing this issue. Besides, telling them often about their snoring may sound disrespectful. Eventually, changing the room is the best option to ensure you sleep peacefully.

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