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Houseplant to your apartment

Posted by Friendly Design on September 22, 2021
small-space hacks for your apartment

When you’re getting ready to move into your first apartment, there’s one item you should consider buying before any others is houseplant to your apartment.

It’s a versatile component that lets your next Zoom class look better, improve the first impression of your space, and filter some of the carbon dioxide away.

If you can bring the outdoors inside for your apartment, you can enjoy several benefits with this one investment. Houseplants are affordable, provide energy, and offer a gentle visual aesthetic that can provide instant relaxation. 

Since everyone is spending more time at home than before, it only makes sense to make your apartment a comfortable place to live. Adding a plant can provide the “freshness” you want for your space.

What Plants Are the Best to Add to an Apartment?

Before adding a houseplant to your apartment, you’ll want to review the terms and conditions of your lease. Although plants aren’t usually problematic, there could be issues with specific species.

If a plant has toxic qualities to it, adding it to your place could be considered a violation in some situations. The best way to know is to seek permission from your landlord or property management agency before proceeding.

Once you know you can add a houseplant to your apartment, here are the best options to consider purchasing today.

1. Succulents

These plants require less water than your average plant. They can also be in low-light conditions without it being overly problematic. That means you have more places to put them to take advantage of their many benefits. 

Any surface is a potential place for your succulent. Tabletops and counters are popular spots, but you could use a magnetic pot to keep one in your kitchen.

2. Snake Plants

These plants have tall vertical blades with leaves that look like snakeskin. They prefer to be on the drier side, and they can also tolerate low-light conditions. It also manages lots of sunshine if you prefer a brighter, more open space. 

A dwarf option limits the plant’s size to about ten inches, while the regular option can get around three feet tall.

3. Philodendrons

This houseplant is popular because the leaves are shaped like hearts. It cascades like a climbing vine, creating glossy foliage that eventually looks like a green drapery if left to grow. It requires minimal maintenance, but it does need to have occasional watering to stay happy. If it needs a trim, cut the stem with sharp scissors. 

4. Wax Vines

It’s not the leathery leaves that make this houseplant a fun addition to any apartment. The plant develops small flowers that bloom in star-shaped clusters. It doesn’t mind lower light levels, but you won’t see the blossoms grow unless you give it enough sunlight. You’ll want to water it less during the winter months when it stays relatively dormant. 

A few houseplant to your apartment can go a long way to creating the environment you want. If you purchase them in sets of three, you’ll maximize your budget while adding the color pops you want for your apartment. 

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