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How to Grow Vegetables in an Apartment

Posted by Friendly Design on July 9, 2014

Do you want to grow vegetables in your garden? There are several reasons that individuals are turning to gardening today. One is that many find it a relaxing hobby, while others simply revel in the sight of flourishing foliage. Another reason is there is currently a movement of individuals committed to eating healthier. Those who live in the country have the option of going outside a designing a garden area pretty much any way they may wish. Those who live in cities and apartments downtown Ann Arbor are finding this to be a challenge. With a little information in hand it is completely possible for individuals residing in apartments to grow fresh produce and beautiful flowers.

The first step is to consider how much space there actually is. The area must have adequate sunlight in order for plants to thrive and to grow vegetables. Accessing the space for gardening in an apartment is not quite the same as that of a home with attached land. An apartment that has a balcony has a huge advantage. The area on the balcony can easily be transformed into a gardening space. This simply requires some research and knowledge about container gardening.

The container must be of an appropriate size compared to the plant. For example, five gallon buckets are wonderful for growing tomato vines. Five gallon buckets are easy to obtain. Individuals may contact a local restaurant or simply purchase them from a home improvement store. About four to six half inch holes must be drilled into the bottom of the buckets for proper drainage. Add more holes, if they must be smaller in size. The proper soil is also extremely important to grow vegetables. Potting soil that contains sand, peat moss, or perlite is generally a safe bet.

Tomato seedlings or other plants, if desired, may be purchased and transplanted into these buckets. A great deal of the rest of the journey consists of many of the same steps and measures as ground planting methods. The plants require adequate sunlight, nutrients, and water. Some may require some sort of reinforcement. For example tomato vines require tomato cages to provide stability. Other types of plants including flowers and/or herbs may be grown using this method. If the apartment does not have a balcony, this presents another issue.

Individuals who have an extra room or closet may convert this into a garden space. If the room does not present efficient light, gardeners may consider purchasing grow lights. Many grow lights are not extremely expensive and are a great investment for avid gardeners. Depending upon the grow room available, it may not be possible to grow certain types of plants. There is still the option of growing flowers and/or herbs in window sills. Individuals can add two by fours for additional space in window sills. Rectangular shaper containers are great for window sill gardening, especially in the case of herbs in the kitchen.

There is a large amount of satisfaction that comes from picking herbs and vegetables to cook with. Herbs in the kitchen are handy, fresh, and taste wonderful in recipes. This type of plant is also extremely aromatic and certain types can be used to create teas. There are many individuals today who grow herbs within apartments simply take make medicinal teas to relieve that which ails them.

2 thoughts on “How to Grow Vegetables in an Apartment

  • James J. Decker
    on December 9, 2016

    I love to grow vegetables in my home garden but didn’t know where to start. Thank for your tips. Very simple and easy to get started, I will follow your advices in my next year’s gardening projects!

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