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The Disinfecting Steps You Still Need to Take for Your Apartment

Posted by Friendly Design on May 19, 2021
Disinfecting Steps You Still Need to Take for Your Apartment- Ann Arbor Apartments managed by CMB

When the first days of COVID-19 came around, we were all hastily disinfecting everything that came into our homes. You could find tips for everything from making your mail safe to reducing transmission risks from the groceries you bought at the store. You need to know the disinfecting steps you still need to take for your apartment.

Some families were even creating airlock rooms in their apartments where you’d disinfect your skin and change clothes before interacting with others.

Now that we’re over a year into the coronavirus pandemic, some precautionary steps are still necessary to maximize your safety. Here are the things you’ll want to keep doing.

The Disinfecting Steps You Still Need to Take for Your Apartment

1. Disinfect high-touch surfaces.

We were all disinfecting almost everything we could in the early days of the pandemic. At this point, we know that it is the high-touch areas that have the greatest risks in any apartment. That means focusing your cleaning work on the faucet handles, doorknobs, toilets, and light switches.

2. Keep up with the hand-washing stations.

The winter influenza report was virtually zero in the United States in 2020-2021. Part of the reason for this change is a shift in cleanliness behaviors. When you wash your hands, wear a facial covering when around strangers, and keep up with physical distancing, it’s possible to limit COVID-19’s transmission dramatically. When you’re in public, keeping your hands clean can lower most other risks.

You’ll also want to keep up the habit of avoiding touching your face whenever possible.

3. Continue disinfecting your laundry.

Since you don’t know who was using a shopping cart or leaning against a wall outside of your apartment, it’s still a good idea to disinfect your laundry. If you’re unsure of the clothing’s status, it helps to wear disposable gloves and a mask when working with these items since virus shedding can last for a significant time.

You’ll want to take even more care when you know someone has been sick. The washing machine and dryer should use heat to provide the most protection against the harmful virus.

4. Disinfect your face mask.

When you’ve been wearing a mask all day, there is a chance it could contain droplets from someone with COVID-19. That means you’ll want to throw out the disposable ones or wash the reusable products. Since you might not have a washing machine in your apartment, your dishwasher serves as a suitable substitute for this task. The goal should be to wear a clean mask each day.

5. Keep up with the habit of closing the toilet lid.

When scientists study COVID-19 infection rates, they see a direct connection between virus discoveries at wastewater treatment facilities and diagnostic numbers. That means you’ll want to take some extra care in the bathroom, including shutting the toilet lid while flushing.

The good news is that you don’t need to disinfect your floor, groceries, or takeout to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. As long as you follow these best practices, you’ll find it doesn’t take much work to create a clean and safe home. So, now you know The Disinfecting Steps You Still Need to Take for Your Apartment. 

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