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Productive Summer Schedules

Posted by Friendly Design on July 25, 2015
Schedules of Summer Productivity

Summer break is something most all college students look forward to. This is a very important time whether it is used as a complete vacation or not. Some students take summer courses in order to graduate and enter their careers earlier. Most students use this time as a much needed and deserved break. It is a good idea to take breaks from the hard work college paths require. This can effectively prevent burn out in the long run. This does not mean summer should be wasted. There are many productive things to accomplish while enjoying life.

Vacation around your Major

One idea is to use the summer to take an enjoyable vacation. The catch in this case is where you take your vacation time. Those who are majoring in art may visit Paris or even large metropolitan areas within the United States. There are all sorts of art museums and interesting cultures to immerse yourself in within America.

Perhaps students who are majoring in finance can visit Wall Street. Those interested in the film industry or photography might take a trip to Hollywood. Musicians can head to Nashville or Memphis. There are many ways to incorporate education into an enjoyable summer vacation.

Rapid Ascension

As mentioned, a growing number of college students are taking required courses over the summer months. This allows them to earn credits and their diplomas much faster. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a high achiever. It is important to try to incorporate at least a small break during this time. You may try taking only one course or shorter ones. The last thing you want to do is burn out and completely lose momentum. Some students decide to shadow family members who are employed within the field of their major.

Work to Save

A large majority of college students work while earning their diplomas. After all they have bills just as everyone else and upon graduation most will have to repay student loans in addition to standard costs such as rent, electric, and groceries. It may be wise to work extra hours during the summer months and save every cent of that money. These funds can be placed in a separate checking account to be used as needed through the winter when work hours often decrease. A checking account is better as there are no penalties for withdrawing the funds like there usually are with savings accounts.

Look for a part time job interning within your career field. This will provide money to save for winter, hands on experience within your career choice, and look great on a resume upon exiting college. You might also consider volunteering for part of the summer, if finances are in check. This too is a great addition to your resume. It is also good for your community and self-esteem. Just remember not to work too hard all of the time. Make time to rest and enjoy life. Hard work is commendable, but no one can endure all work and no fun.

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