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Put Off Procrastination

Posted by Friendly Design on April 20, 2015
Put Off Procrastination

A challenge that many college students struggle with is procrastination and it is not just students who fall prey to this challenge. While some individuals do procrastinate out of laziness, this is not generally the reason for it. The most common reasons include distractions, feeling overwhelmed, and/or simply becoming bored. Put Off Procrastination in an easiest way with Ann Arbor Apartments

Regardless of why procrastination is a factor, it is counterproductive and actually exacerbates stress. The first step is to understand that procrastination is an extremely detrimental to college success or success in any area of life for that matter. There are a few useful techniques and tips to keep in mind.

Action Plan

            Evaluate the task at hand and exactly what must be accomplished. Group all of the tasks together in categories and set each group as a separate goal. Completing smaller tasks is much easier and more productive. It also creates a positive cycle of studying because as each group is eliminated it lends a feeling of productiveness and boosts self-confidence.

Never set a goal of completing all of the tasks involved in one session or sitting. In some cases, it may be necessary to divide them into days of goals. Trying to accomplish everything at once creates a negative cycle. This will often overwhelm students and decrease self-confidence. Keep in mind that starting is the first step toward forward progress and every completed task, no matter how small or simple, adds another step in the right direction.

Remember to set reasonable goals and try not to be hard on the psyche. Block off sections of time for tasks to be completed. Do not become disappointed and hopeless, if only a small amount of work may be completed on certain days. Try to assign each session a time frame of about 20 to 30 minutes. Be realistic when designating tasks that should be completed in that time frame.

Many individuals learn much easier and retain more information by finding a study partner. It is not a good idea to choose any random person or, in some cases, a best friend. Friends can often lead to further distractions and less work. It should be someone who is compatible and has similar life goals.

Be a Gentle Tutor

            While studying hard is an integral part of college success, so is a certain amount of mindless pleasure. It is important not to set unrealistic goals and essential to cater to the self from time to time. Breaks and social activities should be scheduled into study routines. Set aside specific amounts of time for recreation such as going to the mall with a friend or take a regenerative nap. Follow goal completion with some sort of small break and/or reward. This will provide something to work toward and look forward to.

Be ever vigilant of self-talk and do not verbally abuse the self. Be kind and use reaffirming and encouraging words when addressing the self. During an average college career students can possibly spend thousands of hours studying and complete hundreds of assignments. Keep in mind that perfection does not exist and it is an unrealistic goal for any college student. The only thing they should expect of themselves is to do the best that they can.

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