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Spring Patio Fling in your New Apartment

Posted by Friendly Design on April 21, 2017
Spring Patio Fling in your New Apartments in Ann Arbor

With spring in full swing, people are starting to come out of their apartments to get some sunshine and socialize. A big yard and/or porch is easily decorated for a spring fling since there is an abundance of room. It becomes more difficult when your space is limited by apartment Ann Arbor walls. It is still possible to throw a great grill gathering with just a little planning.

Petite Grill Party

One of the most important items on the cookout list is the grill and there are several ideas for small apartment patios. Today you have the internet and, if it exists, you can probably find it there. Small hanging grills are available and are not all that expensive. These simply attach to and hang from the railing of your petite patio. They are space efficient; fully functional; safe; and aesthetically pleasing.

There are also tabletop grills to consider as well as the one-time use type that banquet services often utilize. A permanent hanging grill is also great for smaller dinners any night. It is a good idea to check with your apartment complex’s rental agreement to determine the rules and regulations regarding grills before throwing your big shindig.

Stylish Service

Another excellent hanging item is a serving table. Eating at one may not be the most ideal. Attaching it to the other side of the apartment porch railing and allowing it to hang on the outside of the porch makes a perfect, out of the way serving table or two.

Versatile Vittles

Shish kabobs may be one of the most versatile and economical cookout ideas around. Any type of meat may be used or simply vegetables for your vegan, apartment neighbors. You can also grill a mix of fruits with a glaze dip for desserts. Good deals on produce can usually be found at the local farmers’ market and shish kabobs do not requires a lot of expensive meat. Ask other apartment residents which offer the freshest fruits and veggies. Cubes cut from a couple chicken breasts or two pounds of lean beef goes a long way when you are alternating it with a variety of fruits and veggies.

Dainty Decorations

Your apartment spring fling decorations do not have to be dainty. You can hang them as well so it is possible to go all out. You can use balloons, streamers, lanterns, or anything else your heart desires as long as you can hang them all up out of the way. There are many possibilities for all types of gatherings, even on a small porch or balcony.

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