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Reduce your Apartment Cooling Costs

Posted by Friendly Design on June 22, 2017
Reduce your Ann Arbor Apartment Cooling Costs

No matter what the season, apartment dwellers must be energy consumption conscious. There are numerous, but simple ways to reduce these inflating costs. During the summer months, your cooling system is working overtime. It is important to prepare before each season starts to ensure that you save as much money as possible.

Apartment Energy Hog

One of the biggest energy consumers in your Ann Arbor apartment is your air conditioner. It has a heavy workload keeping you and your family comfortably cool. Change the filter for your air conditioning unit, if it has one. This will not only reduce your electric bill, but extend the life of your system. You may need to speak with your apartment manager to determine how to do this.

It is essential to ensure that all your windows and doors are closed tight. The smallest crack allows substantial amounts of your valuable, cool air to escape. Rolled up towels will prevent this, if there is a gap between floors and doors. It is also wise to close drapes and blinds to keep the sun from heating your apartment.

Studio Appliance Consumers

Washing machines, dryers, and dish washers are major energy consumers. Only wash full loads of clothes and use the cold-water cycle whenever feasible. You may still want to use hot water to kill bacteria in your bed clothes and such.

Check with your apartment complex manager to see, if there is a community clothes line you can use instead of the dryer. Unplugging all the appliances in your home when you are not using them also saves money. Your appliances continue to consume a small amount of energy, even when they are turned off.

Apartment Community Collaborations

Apartment community lunches and dinners can also save energy. Get everyone involved in a weekly cookout or picnic on your complex grounds. All those who wish to participate can share costs and energy savings. This eliminates the need to bake or cook which drives your electric bill up. It is a vicious cycle because indoor cooking also increases your cooling system’s workload.

Last Minute Saving Tips

There are a couple of little things you can do to lower your energy bills. They are simple; however, they can add up to an overall cost cutting increase.

  • Use fewer or thinner bedclothes.
  • Reduce the temperature of you bath or shower water.
  • Eat salads and sandwiches for lunch instead of cooking.

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