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Moroccan Apartment on a Dime

Posted by Friendly Design on August 20, 2017
Moroccan Apartment on a Dime

Moroccan style apartments are suddenly trending once again. Of course, this means that anything which says Morocco is going to be on the expensive side. If you love the theme, but the price tags make you cringe, there is an easy answer. There are numerous cost effective ways to create Ann Arbor apartment which looks like it came straight from Morocco via express shipping.

Moroccan Heart

The heart of the Moroccan style is bold and bright. It tends to employ beautifully ornate patterns and rich, vibrant, colors which are accented by metallic designs. Think reds and oranges touch with blues and greens. Imagine wooden furniture with elaborately carved or hand painted motifs. You do not need to pay an arm and a leg for this décor. Thrift shop while keeping these elements in mind.

Apartment Décor Investment

The first step is to choose a, pricier center piece and build around it with second hand or less expensive items. Ornate wooden furniture is a great place to start. You may get lucky and find this in a used furniture store or at a yard sale down the block. You might also consider purchasing a heavy wooden item, such as a coffee or end table, and painting bright, geometric designs on it yourself. Use the internet to find a few images for Moroccan inspiration. Once you have your center piece, the rest is a breeze.

Wallet Friendly Apartment Décor

You can generally find the smaller items online or at a discount store for a reasonable price. Look for brightly decorated throw pillow and patterned rugs. Hanging, metal lanterns make wonderful accents in a Moroccan style apartment. Old fashioned, ornate lidded, vases are another excellent addition. Once you have done a bit of research and you have style firmly in your mind, you will notice it popping up everywhere you go.

You can decorate your apartment on a dime based on just about any concept with these steps. Fix the theme in your mind’s eye and check out the local thrift stores and estate sales. An item does not have to be labeled as a particular style to fit within your theme. If you think that it blends perfectly, then it does. Use your imagination, be creative, and have fun to decorate your apartment. If you have children, you could make it a family collaboration.

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