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Interactive Furniture

Posted by Friendly Design on February 4, 2015
Futuristic interactive furniture

            Futuristic interactive furniture is available now, not on the local sci-fi channel, but through physical stores and, as fitting, online. First the word interactive must be addressed and defined. There several pieces available which have been cleverly named interactive; however, not all of them may function exactly the way expected. Some consist of tables with interactive screens which may be what is expected. Furniture that can be folded to create a new piece for a completely different purpose is also a type of interactive furniture. These types of furniture are perfect and comfortable for Ann Arbor apartment.


            A special material has been developed and is now being used for couches, chairs, stools, and even pillows. This technological material reacts to body heat, changes color where the heat was applied and retains a print of it for a short period of time. Once the individual gets up and moves away from the stool, for example, the print left behind begins to fade gradually until all of the heat has dissipated.

The print left is a copy of whichever body parts the material was exposed to. This means legs, back, arms, and, yes, behinds. Most of the furniture designed from this material is actually very comfy and is available in a number of different, fun colored hues. Keep in mind that this is a tech material and is not going to be inexpensive. A simple throw pillow probably cannot be found for less than $150.

Touch Table

Another very interesting as well as exciting piece of interactive furniture available on today’s market is an integrated touch table. There are actual several companies that have developed these types of tables. They may be found as coffee tables, end tables, and desks.

One example transforms a television into a large multi-touch coffee table. One particular model has been deemed a smart table. It allows users to play touch games with others and control it with touch motions. It may also be synched with minicomputer iSticks and wireless multi touch interaction. Again, bear in mind that this is not a coffee table that is going to be at a local yard sale for ten bucks.

Interactive Rugs for Little Ones

            Interactive rugs are much like other children’s rugs in that they features beautiful, vibrant colors and fun shapes. They differ in that these rugs are also education games. These particular children’s rugs are not actually technological or electronic. For that reason, they are also not very expensive or dangerous to play with; however, they can be very valuable. Some of these rugs are simple and teach kids their alphabet, numbers, colors, and/or shapes. Others are somewhat more complex, designed to look like cities with highways, and include external parts such as little cars.

Interactive Floors and Walls

            Another group of very cool interactive stuff is for walls and floors. These materials are designed to create an interactive image which actually reacts when touched. For example, one type of flooring is designed to look like an authentic pond with fish swimming and plants swaying in it. When someone steps on the floor the water ripples as it would in real life. There are also stairs which light up as pressure from footsteps is applied. Technology is advancing beyond the sci-fi channel. Much of it lends a great deal of convenience which makes both work and day to day life easier. Other advances simply make life more exciting and fun.

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