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Fuzzy Apartment Roommates

Posted by Friendly Design on June 29, 2017
Fuzzy Pets as Apartment Roommates

Pet odors can quickly get out of control in Ann Arbor apartment. There are several things you can do to keep your home smelling fresh and keep petting zoo odors at bay. Most are simple; however, consistency is key. You must create a routine task list to ensure that you complete them regularly.

Fuzzy Studio Furniture

All pets shed no matter how short their coat is, unless they are hairless, of course. It does not take very long for the fur to accumulate. Ask any pet parent and they will tell you they find animal fuzz all over the place. Choosing animals which have shorter coats will help, but a vacuum is an essential apartment tool regardless. It is even handier, if it comes complete with a few attachments.

The vacuum will not prevent your furry kid from shedding, but it will help keep hair off your coach and clothes. You should probably vacuum your home and furniture at least a couple of times each week. Consider purchasing a hand-held vacuum as well for quick pickups. Throw an eco-dyer ball in with your clothes to remove hair from fresh washed clothes. Every little thing you do reduces the amount of fur in your apartment.

Pet Grooming & Diet

Animals do not require as many baths as humans, but they do need them. Bathing your pet regularly helps him smell fresh and clean. You should also brush his teeth and/or invest in some healthy dental treats. Your animal’s diet can cause unpleasant odors, especially, with cats and litter boxes. A poor digestive track can lead to bad breath and some other smells which are pretty horrible too.

There are all kinds of wonderful new technologies for kitty parents today. With the proper filter, a high-quality air ionizer is very effective at removing pet odors from the environment. There are also self-cleaning or automatic cat boxes. Each time your companions uses the bathroom, an electronically powered rake removes the waste. Many pet stores sell great smelling litter deodorizers as well. If finances are a bit tight, you can simply pick up a box of baking soda to mix into the litter.

The main element to these simple solutions is stay on top of the battle. Make sure you design a pet task schedule and stick to it. This way your home stays smelling fresh and your fuzzy apartment roommate will be much happier as well.

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