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Posted by Friendly Design on May 5, 2017
Pet Space in your Studio apartments

Small dogs are easier to keep in Ann Arbor apartment than large dogs. They all need at least some space. There is a great deal more responsibility for pet parents than people who do not have fur babies realize. Furry children require a small nook somewhere in the apartment to call their own. There must also be space for their food, dishes, toys, and hygiene products as well.

Proper Pampering

There are certain elements of pet parenting that need special attention. One of them is exercise and it can accomplish more than one goal. Animals, young or aging, have energy which must be expended. Exercising your fuzzy kid on a routine basis not only keeps him healthy, it can give you peace of mind. If you allow your baby to run around and play at the park, or some other open door space, he will be less likely to wreak havoc on your apartment. Look for a dog park, take him hiking, or seek out other pet owners for exercise advice in your complex.

Ankle-Biter Area

Your pet needs a place to rest and eat where he will not be disturbed. It is extremely important that he have a space in which he is comfortable. There must be room for his bed, toys, and dishes. Though it seems like a lot, your furry baby only needs a tiny bit of room.

A small closet is an excellent place for a pet bed and dishes. It also provides a physical boundary against curious human children as well as adults. If you have a second floor in your apartment and can access the nook just under them, it is another perfect location for your pet’s bedroom. A designated kitchen cabinet, especially if you are able to remove the doors, can be a wonderful, out of the way spot as well.

Some pet parents opt to convert store bought or homemade kennels into furry kid spaces. You do not need to keep the entrance latched. Ensure that it is sturdy and create a table on top. You can build a cabinet or leave it open to store your pet’s belongings. You and your pet will be very happy that you created a spot just for him.

Hint: Do not forget about bathroom breaks. Most felines use litter boxes and you only need to clean them on a regular basis. Dog parents usually train them to go out doors or provide a pee-pad. Remember that training and routine are crucial keys.

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