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Roommate Communication

Posted by Friendly Design on December 2, 2014
Roommate Communication tips

One reoccurring problem for college students is dealing with roommates. This is actually an issue for many individuals, not just those in college or apartments. So, roommate communication is important. The small space can make it somewhat more difficult. There are several ways to deal with living with someone else that can prevent a number of much larger issues. The first step is to interview the potential roommate to ensure all residents are compatible. The next is to be proactive.


As mentioned above, there should be an interview process to ensure that everyone within the apartment is able to get along. There should be a set of rules drawn up. All of the residents need to review and sign this. Be reasonable about the rules, but keep in mind study and sleep times. Include anything that could potentially cause a problem such as late night or early morning company. It does not matter what type of interview is conducted, what rules are set, or what is signed. There will still be individuals who are simply not compatible as well as those who are inconsiderate. It is best to be prepared to deal with these situations before they happen and as soon as possible. Many times this will prevent the situation from spiraling out of control.

Try to remember that all individuals were raised with different methods. An extremely important rule in one family’s household may have never been mentioned in another. A couple of examples are leaving the toilet seat up and returning empty milk jugs to the refrigerator. These things may be annoying; however, they are not actually the end of the civilized world. Try simply discussing living habits with roommates instead of blowing a cork. It is also a good idea to carefully examine the situation. Often times when something extremely small is blown out of proportion there is a more important underlying issue.

Roommate Communication

Communication is the number one key to any type of relationship. The lack thereof is, quite often, the destruction of any relationship as well. Communication should be open, honest, and relaxed. Most problems among roommates are easily worked out. It may be a case in which the rules were not completely understood. A thought is to have weekly or monthly meetings even when things are going smooth. At this meeting discuss everything that may have come up whether it is small and annoying or huge and causing great amounts of stress. Be sure to let everyone have a turn to speak during the discussion.

Ensure that all situations are addressed immediately, calmly, and verbally. Never let annoyances fester and escalate into damage that cannot be repaired. Most individuals are capable of working out differences and creating compromises. It simply requires a little time, effort, and open communication. There are cases in which the problems loom so large it is impossible to rectify the situation.

One example of a damaging situation is a roommate who eat or use all of the household items and do not replace them. Another example is a roommate who does not pay their share of the bills. Again the first step is communication between all who reside within the dwelling. If the roommate still refuses to rectify the situation, it may be time to ask him/her to find another living arrangement.

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