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Apartment Life in August

Posted by Friendly Design on August 8, 2017
Ann Arbor Apartments Life in August

Some apartments become stuffier than others during the hot, summer months. In addition to being uncomfortable, it can dramatically increase your electric bill. There are many simple ways to cut back on expenses while cooling down your home.

Apartments in August

The month of August has been breaking heat wave records around the country for several years now. It is generally one of the hottest months of the year. Some call this time of year the dog days of summer. August can also be one of the costliest when it comes to energy expenses.

There are numerous ways to keep your Ann Arbor apartment coo during these scorching August months. Close drapes and keep blinds down to block the heat from the sun. If you have light arid curtains, consider buying some paneled or energy efficient drapes to replace them.

It probably goes without saying, but make sure all the windows in your apartment are closed as well. You might even want to put this task on your calendar for a once a month checkup. It is also important to keep the doors to the individual rooms that you do not use as often closed. Large cracks under doors may affect the functioning of your air conditioner’s temperature gauge. These may be blocked with pretty, rolled up bath towels or throw blankets.

Apartment Vampires

Check to see what watt light bulbs you currently have installed in your apartment. Replace them with some which are just a bit weaker. It is essential to turn the lights off in every room when it is not in use. All this light quickly intensifies the heat.

Various types of appliances, such as coffee pots and devices, remain plugged up all of the time. They also emit a tiny amount of heat. Unplug these to reduce the heat in your apartment as well as lower your energy costs. Check with your apartment complex manager to see, if you can install a ceiling fan to keep the air flowing on hot days.

Cool Apartment Cooking

One huge factor in controlling the temperature in your apartment is cooking, especially if you are using the oven. Try grilling outdoors a few times a week and add some fun while you are chilling. Another thought is to prepare cold meals when it is melting hot outside. Cut back on time spent cooking by topping a nice cold, fresh, veggie salad with some well-seasoned chicken.

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