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Terminate Apartment Pests

Posted by Friendly Design on December 4, 2014
Terminate Apartment Pests- Ann Arbor Apartments managed by CMB

            It is extremely difficult to terminate apartment pests; however, apartments present the most difficulty. Tenants, as well as owners, spend large amounts of money every year for pest control services. This usually only slow pest within apartments down. Many times insects and rodents hide in the next apartment over until the pesticides have dwindled. Even in cases where the entire building is treated at once certain species of pests are resilient. Two of these are cock roaches and bed bugs.


            Make sure to carefully and thoroughly insect the apartment prior to moving any items into it. Look under sinks, behind large appliances, and in crevices for pests and evidence of their presence. Mice leave droppings most everywhere they walk. They also shred paper items to build nests in crevices and dark holes. Cock roaches leave droppings as well and they leave behind empty egg sacks. Bed bugs are much sneakier and more resilient than any other home pests.

            Look for any and all signs of bed bug infestations. These are tiny dark red to brown insects that look a little like ticks. They bite humans and live off of their blood. They will bite pets, but cannot survive on their blood. They can hide inside furniture; in walls; baseboards; clothing; and stuffed animals. Their favorite spot to sleep is between the mattresses and box springs of beds. Lifting the mattress will generally reveal them. These insects cannot fly and generally do not move fast, but they are capable of crawling fast. Once bed bugs are found in the home most of the furniture must be replaced. In cases of infestations homes must be specially heat treated to remove these pests.

Pests in the Home

            Sometimes the presence of pests simply cannot be prevented. Individuals moving into the apartment next door may carry them in with them. Mice do not usually begin to move inside homes until the winter months set in. If pests are spotted, immediately consult the landlord/lady. The lease agreement should have a clause concerning pests. If it does not, ask for it to be included. The landlord/lady will most likely have the place inspected and treated for pests accordingly. In most states this is the responsibility of the owner, not the tenant; however, get this in writing.

            In the meantime a few common sense tasks will prevent pests from entering the apartment. Keep the apartment clean and the dishes washed regularly. Do not leave food sitting around and remove trash as it accumulates. Cock roaches are fond of paper products and boxes as well as piles of junk. If roaches cannot find food sources, they will resort to munching on paper. Roaches can sometimes be carried in with fresh produce and/or items shipped to the home.

Bed bugs can be spread by bringing in used furniture and clothing. They can also hide in suitcases while the luggage sits in hotel rooms. There are spray products available on the market to use on vacation to avoid bringing these insects home. Any used clothes should at least be dried immediately upon, if not prior to, entering the apartment. Bed bugs can survive in hibernation without feeding for approximately 18 months; however, they cannot survive exposure to extreme heat. So, you know how to terminate apartment pests.

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