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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Posted by Friendly Design on January 1, 2016
Happy Sleeping of 'Bed Bugs Bite' free in Ann arbor apartments

Most everyone has heard the age old phrase ‘Good night; sleep tight; don’t let the bed bugs bite. Most children growing up thought this was just a good night turn of phrase; however, bed bugs are a very real threat. They are not poisonous, but they do bite and live off of human blood. Bed bugs have made a rapid and disturbing return. In the 195os a poison called DDT was in wide use and it was deadly to most all insects including bed bugs. This poison was hazardous to other life forms as well, including humans, and it was outlawed. The rise of global travel, decreasing economies, and the elimination of DDT allowed bed bugs to return with a vengeance.

Hiding Places

Bed bugs do hide and live in mattresses; however, they also reside in all parts of the bed including the wooden frames. They will hide in wooden bookshelves, the base boards of floors, and carpets. There are a great many myths concerning bed bugs, the most prevalent of which is that they only live in mattresses.

Another myth is that these pests only come out at night to feed. Most chose this particular time because their human hosts are asleep and they are attracted to their body heat. Those who work third shift and sleep during the day will find they are preyed upon during the day. If the infestation is bad enough, bed bugs will find their way to you from your couch while you are watching television. Travelers carry them to and from motels. Even the most elite hotels have had infestations and new furniture stores are not safe either.

Death and Good Riddance

The most effective way to rid your apartments in Ann Arbor of bed bugs is heat. There are insecticides on the market that may help for a while, but almost never completely eliminate these pests. Sprays in combination with routine vacuuming of everything will help keep them at bay. Wash and dry everything possible on a routine basis. While washing cleanses items of their excrement, the heat from the dryer will destroy bed bugs and their eggs.

Be very vigilant, if you frequent thrift stores and yard sales for deals. These annoying critters may be living in any items purchased there. Simply avoid used furniture whenever possible. Be sure to run all clothes and stuffed animals through a dryer cycle the moment you bring these items into the house. You can place stuffed toys in a pillow case and tie it in a knot. This will help keep them from falling apart during the washing and drying process. It may be best, if you have spotted bed bugs in your apartment, to call a professional exterminator right from the start.

Natural Methods

There are many natural suggestions for battling bed bugs which may help; however, as mentioned above, heat is about the only guaranteed method. Only a professional can safely heat your apartment to effective temperatures. Sprays which contain Lavender and Tea Tree Oil are said to drive bed bugs away. This may be helpful, if used in combination with vacuuming, drying, and sunning items where bed bugs are found.

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