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Take Advantage of Apartment Amenities

Posted by Friendly Design on July 10, 2017
Advantage of downtown Ann Arbor Apartment Amenities

Apartments complexes offer numerous amenities that are generally not provided by other types of rental properties. It is important to search for those which offer the ones that serve your family’s needs during your rental hunt. It might be helpful to make a list of the amenities you must have and decide which you can live without.

Inside your Apartment

You may not think of them as amenities, but you should check to ensure your Ann Arbor apartment is equipped with modern technology. This includes cable and wi-fi as well as heating and cooling systems with smart controls. Some apartment complexes today provide tenants with online methods for maintenance requests and payment options.

Storage or closet space might seem like something every apartment has built in. This is, oddly enough, not true. You should always physically inspect any studio prior to moving in. Check to see if there is a microwave, dishwasher, dryer, and or dish washer inside. There may be a shared laundry room or services available instead.

Outside your Apartment

Transportation and parking are extremely important to daily activities. If there is a parking garage on the grounds, ensure that it is equipped with proper lighting and security cameras. This is for safe travel between your car and apartment. It is also a smart idea to check on the available transportation services even, if you own a vehicle. You never know when an emergency may rise such as a flat tire or dead battery.

Some tenants consider recreation centers another essential apartment amenity group. This might include parks, covered picnic tables, and pools. A few apartment complexes offer spa and message services. Consider which are crucial to your daily practices. Ask the complex manager about rec rooms, fitness equipment, and community areas as well. Community rooms or park areas are a fantastic way to get to know your neighbors.

Other Apartment Amenities

There are other types of apartment amenities in both categories above you may never consider. Many modern complexes are gated communities with doormen. Some offer not only valet garbage services, but have recycling centers on the grounds. Below is a small list of additional questions you might ask.

  • Are there quality schools nearby?
  • Is there a child care service located within a reasonable distance?
  • How close are the emergency services to the apartment?
  • Are there 24-hour private security offers on duty?
  • Do they offer a pet playground?

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