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Streamline Apartment Cleaning

Posted by Friendly Design on August 1, 2017
Apartment Cleaning tips by Ann Arbor apartments

Whether you love it or hate it, apartment cleaning must be done on a routine basis. If you do not clean regularly, the mess in your home can get way out of hand. There are many tips and hacks which can help you streamline apartment cleaning so chaos never has a chance to set in.

Apartment Cleaning Schedule

The first step is to create a list of all your Ann Arbor apartment chores then set up a schedule. If you have other family members living there or a roommate, you can divide the chores among everyone. Consider which things must be accomplished daily and which can be charted weekly. For example, dishes should probably be done daily, if not multiple times a day. On the other hand, it might be alright to pencil in weekly dusting.

There are many creative ways to design your apartment chore schedule. You could use pretty paper and bright markers. Premade calendars are sold just about everywhere and are fairly inexpensive. There are even calendar and scheduling apps for your smartphone as well as a few which are specifically for chore lists. It is completely up to you and your imagination.

Apartment Task Streamlining

There are several other options for streamlining apartment chores aside from or in combination with the abovementioned scheduling idea. Many people find cleaning in short bursts more successful than doing everything in one session. Make a plan to clean for 15 to 20 minutes every day. You could also make this a group effort. With every member of the apartment tending to chores each day it will remain spic and span.

You could set some parameters for the entire household. For example, each person must wash every dish he/she uses immediately. This way everyone takes part in the cleaning task list and no one is stuck cleaning a kitchen full of dirty dishes. A similar idea might work for the bathroom. Make everyone responsible for removing his/her dirty laundry and spraying the tub down when he/she is done showering.

Some days, no matter how committed you are, there simply is no time to clean. If you can find just a few moments, concentrate on areas that receive high traffic. The rest of your apartment can wait until the next day. Straighten your bathroom and living room as well as wash the dishes. These few tasks make the entire place look ten times cleaner.

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