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Prepare for Winter through the Summer

Posted by Friendly Design on August 10, 2015
Difference between winter and summer.

Not that long ago individuals had to diligently prepare for winters, if they were to survive. Today preparation is not as dire; however, it is still helpful. During warm months there is generally a greater abundance of money, as well as time for college students than there is in the winter. Summer, for most students means a break from college study and work. This leaves more time for earning money and have fun. Never forget that both of these are extremely important. While money is required to pay bills and buy groceries, students also need breaks and play to recuperate.

Saving for the Future

One way to prepare for colder months is to save a portion of the money that you earn. One idea is to decide on a dollar amount or a percentage to be hidden away from every pay check. If you save $20 per week for the three months of summer, you will have saved $260. That may not seem like a lot of money, but it will definitely come in handy if times get hard this winter. If you also save $20 a week throughout fall, you will have $520 on hand when the months start becoming colder.

Gardening is another great winter prep. If you are able to grow, harvest, and can, dry, or freeze your produce, it will provide food through the colder months. Many towns have can good stores and/or bulk storehouses. Consider choosing several canned food items you like and buy cases of those food. Store this in your apartments downtown Ann Arbor until winter comes. If space is limited, you can slide it under your bed to keep it out of the way.

Prep through Organization

One of the first things people notice about summer is their ability to wear shorts and tank tops. Most individuals also start using thinner blankets or just sheets on their beds. Make sure when packing all of these winter items down that you have washed and dried them well. This will prevent them from mildewing as well as have them ready the moment cold weather strikes. Consider buying dryer sheets or other scent enhancer to use on those items before packing them up. This way they smell like fresh laundry when it is time to unpack them.

During the process of packing down winter clothes, sheets and other items perform an inspection of your apartments ann arbor. It is a good idea to create a check list to have in hand during the inspection. Some of these things not only prepare for winter, but should always be examined on a yearly or biyearly basis. These items will reduce energy consumption and create a more comfortable environment.

  • Check windows to ensure they seal completely when closed.
  • Check all doors to ensure there are no gaps between them and the walls or floors.
  • Check under sinks to ensure there are no holes around pipes.
  • Change any filters throughout the apartment.

The cold winter months can actually be fun, if your apartments ann arbor mi is ready to handle the weather change. Winter usually brings to mind images of delicious foods and fun family gatherings. Preparing your apartment now will save a great deal of heartache when the cold weather arrives. Another tip is to have a professional or a knowledgeable friend inspect your vehicle to ensure it is ready for winter as well.

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