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Enchanted Summer Flowers

Posted by Friendly Design on March 1, 2016
Some are Enchanted Summer Flowers

Most images of beautiful flower gardens are spring oriented; however, there are many types of wonderful summer time blooms. Believe it or not, there are also flowers that bloom in the winter, with snow, and even some that only open at night. Many fictional romance stories speak of the scent of wild flowers hanging in the summer night air or riding summer breezes. Some types require larges spaces and a great deal of care. There are those that only need a small bit of space and care which will bloom endlessly through the warm months.

Summer Asters

Asters have star shaped flowers and come in a wide array of stunning colors. It is best to plant them in late spring for gorgeous summer blossoms. If they are kept dead headed, they will continue to provide lovely color through the fall months as well. This is generally the time frame that spring flowers have begun fading.

Asters are available in hues of pinks, purples, and whites. They usually grow from as tall as eight feet to eight inches depending upon the variety. Butterflies absolutely adore Asters and the smaller versions of these flowers make wonderful edges and borders as well as look awesome in rock gardens.

Warm Cosmos

Cosmos are available in a rainbow of striking colors. They are fairly hardy plants which are capable of growing in many types of soil. Cosmos generally grow to be about 24 inches tall; however, dwarf varieties are available for those who have limited gardening space. They may be cultivated from either seeds or plants may be purchased from nurseries. About the only element that places Cosmos in danger is frost. Be sure that no matter what time of year you decide to plant them outside all danger of frost in your local area has passed.

If you choose to grow the larger varieties it will most likely be necessary to support the plants with stakes. As with many other types of summer flowers, be sure to keep the old blooms dead headed to ensure continued blossoms throughout the summer and fall. Inexperienced gardeners will be happy to learn that Cosmos are not generally vulnerable to most plant diseases and pests; however, humming birds, bees, and butterflies flock to them.

Beautiful Begonias

Begonias most commonly grow to be around 18 inches high. Plants will produce blossoms which are different hues of pinks, reds, yellows, and oranges. In all reality nurseries across the country sell more than 1,600 thousands species of Begonias. Miniature Begonias which grow to be between 6 and 10 inches tall may be purchased by those who only have a small gardening space available.

These flowers thrive well in areas which are in full sun as well as those which are somewhat shaded. It is impotent to ensure that Begonias receive plenty of water, but only at the base. Avoid water splashing on the leaves. Soil should also drain well for best results. As long as attention is paid to these last two details, the rest of care required to keep Begonias blooming all summer is relatively effortless.

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