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Apartment Living Mindfulness

Posted by Friendly Design on July 16, 2017
Apartment Living Mindfulness

People everywhere, from school to work, are embracing mindfulness. It requires no fancy clothes or expensive equipment and may even be practice during daily activities in your Ann Arbor apartment. It is simply an attitude in which you perceive life in the present moment.

Apartment Mindfulness Space

There seems to be a growing misconception about what mindfulness means and entails. Some believe it is the same as meditation and therefore you must create a special place for it. While meditation and Yoga are ways in which some individuals achieve mindfulness, they are not the same practice. You do not need to decorate a whole new space in your apartment to practice being mindful.

The space in which you practice mindfulness is in your head regardless of where your physical body is located. It is taking note of what you are doing as well as what is around you regardless of what activities you are completing. It is simply an act of being present in the moment.

Apartment Morning Rituals

You can practice mindfulness upon rising from your bed in the morning. Sit up, take a couple of deep breaths, and look around your apartment bedroom. Calmly consider what it is that you need to accomplish this morning and what about it makes you grateful.

Be mindful for the few minutes it requires to brush your teeth, wash your face, and make your bed. These three simple tasks can get your morning running smoothly. Try to be mindful as you eat breakfast as well. Incorporate sweet, fresh fruit and savor each bite being aware of how juicy it is.

Apartment Chore Mindfulness

Apartment chores may seem like a necessarily evil; however, you can practice mindfulness as you go about each task. It is difficult to be aware of and grateful for the moment, if it is filled with all sorts of clutter. Think about making this decluttering a daily ritual. Consider what must be moved to clear the way for the goals that you wish to achieve today. This can be applied physically to your apartment as well as mentally to scattered or troubling thoughts.

Another way to be aware of the moment is while you are gardening. This can be for a small plotted garden or just a few potted, patio plants. Notice how the soil absorbs the water and if, you have flowers, smell each of them to savor the scent after you give them a drink.

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