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5 Quick & Simple Apartment Cleaning Hacks

Posted by Friendly Design on July 7, 2019
apartment cleaning hacks

No matter how organized you are, your apartment chores probably get out of hand. There are tons of websites with organizing and cleaning hacks. Visit a few and remember to find what works best for your family. Check out these 5 quick and simple apartment cleaning hacks to add to your housekeeping arsenal.

As You Go Strategy

An as you go strategy won’t work all the time, of course, but it’ll go a long way toward keeping the mess minimal. If you live in Ann Arbor and your apartment is arranged and organized, you’ve just about won the battle.

When you’re done studying, for example, put all your academic materials back in their respective cubby holes and/or drawers. An as you go strategy is simple and saves time in the long run. This strategy will work well for every room in your apartment. The kitchen is usually last on the list, but a great place to start. Below are some routine rule examples.

  • Throw away trash and food containers while you cook.
  • Don’t leave spices and condiments on the counter.
  • Return leftover cold ingredients to the refrigerator.
  • Rinse your mixing bowls and prep containers as you use them.
  • Wash your dinner dishes as soon as the meal is done.
  • If there’s no time to wash at least rinse them in hot water.

Get into the habit of putting everything away once you’ve finished with it. Don’t leave clutter lying around. Read a few tips on how to repurpose items to redecorate your home.

Odor Elimination

Odors can quickly build up, especially in a tiny space. Wiping down surfaces at least once a week helps quite a bit. Keep in mind that cloth items absorb and trap odors. Plan to tackle these tasks once a month or even every week.

  • Take your curtains down and wash them.
  • Wash your bed linen regularly.
  • Steam clean your carpets monthly.
  • Open your windows to allow air to carry out stale odors.

5 Quick Cleaning Hacks

Once you routinely complete the tasks above the rest is quick and simple.

  1. Spray bath tiles with equal parts of vinegar and water every time someone takes a shower. Make it a family rule.
  2. Use a foot pumice stone to remove tough stains on your toilet. Scrub a tiny section first to evaluate any dame it may cause.
  3. Run items such as mouth rinse cups, soap dishes, dispensers, and toothbrush holders through your dishwasher while you clean the bathroom.
  4. Use a vinegar, or lemon juice, and water solution to wipe down your microwave, refrigerator, and kitchen cabinets.
  5. Use personal or baby wipes to remove light stains on upholstery and couches. This works great for upholstered, dining room chairs.

There are all sorts of cleaning hacks for just about everything imaginable. Try finding some webpages with tips you like and print them. Go through each list and try them out. If you like one, add it to a cleaning hack master list. Review this article for more cleaning tips.

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