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Shopping for a College Apartment

Posted by Friendly Design on August 22, 2014

shop for college apartment

            In this article, we will share some tips for shopping for a college apartment. Starting college is a financial burden alone. The tuition fees and supplies are enough to create a lifetime of debt. The next step is plunging further into debt and obtaining a suitable habitat. There are a few things to consider that will save money and still make the transition easier. To simply move into Ann Arbor apartment the first month; last month; rent deposit, light deposit; and any other required deposit such as cable and wi-fi must be paid up front. By this point most students are much past being broke. Once these goals have been reached the new pad must be furnished.

Family and Friends

            Do not overlook asking family and friends for items they no longer use. Generally those within the students’ support system want to help; however, they cannot afford to. These individuals probably have at least one, if not several, items they do not use. Ask family and friends about couches; chairs; tables; and shelving as well as items such as linen and old towels.

Consider Thrift Stores

            Another great place search for necessities are thrift stores. Thrift stores only buy items that they believe are sellable. While the items are not new, they are generally in pretty good condition. Most college towns have several types of thrift shops so college students can buy as well as sell once they graduate. Many individuals make a couple yearly trips to their local college town just to shop at the local thrift shops regardless of their age or career.

Bulletin Boards

            Check out college bulletin boards for household goods. Every university has this sort of area and others students pin their items for sale and contact information as well as items they need to buy. Individuals considering refurnishing may be able to strike up a trade with other students creating a win-win situation. Bulletin boards are also a wonderful place to save money on text books and find part time jobs for extra cash. The perfect couch may not be available on the board, but a small, quick, and simple job may pay for it.


            It is a good idea to create a check list and categorize priorities.

  • Bedroom: Include everything needed from the actual bed to the bed clothes
  • Kitchen area: Add appliances to cook with, but do not forget items to cook in, eat from, and with.
  • Bathroom: Think of things like towels; wash clothes; a shower curtain; and a trash bin.
  • Study: Students need a place to study even if it is not an entire room. Think of everything that promotes concentration and productivity.
  • Organization: End tables; coffee table; shelving; and dressers are all good organizational furniture.

While shopping to furnish a college apartment, it is important to keep necessities in mind and not to go overboard. Not all of the items must be new or absolutely perfect. The time for a dream home comes after graduation when students are settled into their careers and have the money for perfection. Now is the time to cut corners where possible, save money, and survive relatively comfortably.

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