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Finding Faith

Posted by Friendly Design on April 1, 2015
Students can learn more about finding faith

Starting college can be both exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. One aspect of life that many students rely on or turn to is their faith. While in college students learn about many types of faith and beliefs systems. Those who come from a faith based upbringing generally look for like-minded individuals. Most colleges have faith-based groups available to join. This is another opportunity to meet new and interesting people as well as make new friends.

Trying Times

People’s lives and beliefs present difficult challenges on almost daily basis. This often escalates when they move away from home and especially when they start college. College teaches many things that some individuals have never even of. It presents challenges that students have never encountered before. New ideas and beliefs are introduced onto their lives just about every single day. It is important to hang on to that which they believe.

Those who were raised with a certain beliefs system embrace faith to both celebrate life and overcome difficult times in life. Having something or someone to turn to is import to all students and colleges provide several options. Universities usually have many programs to explore to find help during a crisis. Many of these are based upon a certain faith and will lend a helping hand. There are other types of programs available to all students regardless of religion they align themselves with, if any.

Taking Time

It is important to hang onto faith and continue on its path for those while are religious. Some students may even begin to feel a little guilty, if they believe that they are neglecting this side of their life. A good place to start is to investigate local churches in order to find a place of worship that fits that denomination. It is also a good idea to ask friends and fellow students about places of worship and faith based activities, especially those who share these beliefs.

College can test students’ faith because, as mentioned, they are exposed to all sort of different religions. This may bring their own beliefs into question. First and foremost it is essential to follow the heart and do that which feel right. There may be peer pressure to stray from the path. Never do anything that is uncomfortable or that simply feels wrong no matter who asks or what they may have to offer. It is important for students to stick to their beliefs. In fact, students’ faith can help them resist many types of peer pressure to do things which they know and/or feel is wrong.

Respect is Important

            While it is a good idea for students to find others of like mind, that should not prevent them from making new friends. Of course, when there are considerable or drastic differences friends may grow apart. Students of all faiths should try to be respectful of others whether they follow a different religion or none at all. This world is full of diversity and college is generally the first environment in which young people are truly exposed to it. It is important to keep in mind that individuals should treat each other as they would want to be treated. Faith is a very personal choice and that which is right for one may not be best for another.

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