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Daily Quick Clean Tips for Apartments

Posted by Friendly Design on August 19, 2014

woman cleaning kitchen multi-tasking

Here are some daily quick clean tips.  College students are extremely busy with studies and, generally, work. This does not leave much time for anything else. Those who try to fit at least a small amount of social activity into their schedules do not have any time left for household chores nor the inclination to get them accomplished. One thought is to schedule small slots of time each day to spend on cleaning tasks. While it is not always a priority for everyone, most all people would rather live in a clean and organized environment. It makes accomplishing other goals much easier.

Carve out Time

To start, decide exactly how much time is available each day to devote to cleaning. Began with an hour and then adjust as these tasks become habit instead of forced. Create a schedule with a list of tasks on paper to put on the fridge, on a laptop, or on a smart phone and set a reminder alarm. Set perhaps ten to fifteen minutes to spend on living areas every single day.

Simple Tasks Prevent Disasters

Certain tasks may be condensed or avoided all together by forming certain habits. For example, while cooking use very hot water to rinse utensils and pans. This eliminates the need to wash a stack of crusty dishes. As soon as a meal is finished, rinse everything that was used for eating. Another thought is to throw away trash immediately. Individuals who do not think they will have the energy for this could put a small trash can in each room. Gather all of the trash and take it to the dumpster once a day. Put away items as soon as they are no longer needed. Both of these suggestions prevent a great deal of clutter.


An organized area is much easier to keep tidy. Organize every room to ensure every item has a permanent home. Place it in its home as soon as its task is complete. For example, the morning ritual of getting ready can take its toll on a bathroom. Be sure styling tools have completely cooled before putting them away to prevent fire hazards.

The study area can look like a cyclone hit it in a short period of time. Create a space where all study materials have a neat place to sit or be stored. When study tasks are complete put these things in their respective places. This may also be a good time to pack the carry all for the next day.


Keep in mind it only requires a few minutes to gather the trash and take it out each day. It takes a lot more time to gather trash that has been scattered all over the house. Only a few minutes are needed to rinse dishes while cooking and just after eating. Waiting until the last minute makes washing dishes a time-consuming chore. Dishes that are allowed to sit for a period of time become encrusted with various foods which require soaking and scrubbing. Simple preventive measures can save time as well as energy which may be spent dancing or perhaps dreaming.

Student apartments Ann Arbor are available for rent at an affordable price for students. So, follow these daily quick clean tips.

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