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Cover Your Bare Apartment Walls on a Budget

Posted by Friendly Design on October 16, 2020
Cover Your Bare Apartment Walls on a Budget- Ann Arbor Apartments managed by CMB

Creating an art collection takes time and money. When your goal is to move into your first place, have cash for groceries, and pay for rent and utilities, finding something colorful to display is rarely a top priority. Cover Your Bare Apartment Walls on a Budget.

If you have an artistic touch, framing some of your photographs or drawings is an affordable way to cover your bare apartment walls. You can also display items from your family and friends.

Vintage art is a surprising resource that many first-time renters don’t think about when decorating their space. It stays within your budget, some incredible finds are available, and you can eventually donate the pieces back to another thrift store if needed.

Here are some tips that can help you to grab the best vintage art from shops around your community.

Cover Your Bare Apartment Walls on a Budget

  1. Most vintage art is terrible.

Don’t settle for the first piece you see at the store – unless it’s a signed and numbered piece from a recognized artist! It won’t take long for you to discover that most thrift store art will never earn its way into a museum. Don’t expect immediate gratification.

  1. Look for originality.

Original paintings are among the best finds that you can spot at a vintage shop or thrift store. Try touching the surface to see if it is real paint or manufactured brushstrokes. Does the piece have pixels from printing? When you grab something that an artist made, the care and love that went into each part can be a signature statement for your wall.

  1. Ignore the signature.

Most paintings, pictures, and artwork have a signature because the artist who made it left a piece of their soul in that work. If you can find something famous, it can cause your heart to skip a beat – especially if there’s a great price on the item. Before you make the purchase, take a step back from the transaction. Do you like the art? Is it even good?

Permit yourself to pass on something if you decide that you don’t like it. You’re the one who has to see it in your apartment every day.

  1. Research the artist.

If you do find something signed and numbered, try to research the artist. Enter the name into a search engine to see what you can find out about the art. You might be surprised at its potential value. This step also helps you to see if the piece is something special to everyone – or only something that you prefer.

  1. Listen to your heart.

Some thrift store shoppers go out every weekend to try to find something to sell on Etsy. When you want to decorate an apartment on a tight budget, forget about the actual value. Grab the pieces that you like. What matters the most is that you found something that you’ll enjoy seeing every day. These are the tips to Cover Your Bare Apartment Walls on a Budget.

If you don’t have vintage shops or thrift stores near your apartment, you can shop at flea markets, antique collections, or Craigslist.

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