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Choose your new home, a student apartment bearing these reasons in mind

Posted by Friendly Design on March 6, 2022
Choose your new home- Ann Arbor Apartments managed by CMB

Choose your new home. Securing a seat in your dream University means looking for a suitable place to live. It is a crucial decision, and every student is nervous while finding accommodation. So, nothing is new about it.

Here are a few reasons to choose your new home

Student-friendly design

Every student is different. Student apartments come in different budgets. The student apartment offers more features than private rentals to facilitate students. Some of the student-friendly designs are:

  • Rooms with additional amenities
  • Room with functional well-equipped rooms
  • Playing games/indoor sports facility

Opt for a design that suits your style and budget.



Students wishing to lead an independent life prefer studying abroad. The student apartment life allows taking charge of your daily routines, and you have to maintain yourself. Living in student apartments means you manage your daily routine, set your schedules, and get to classes. There is total independence in student apartment living, and if you like staying independent, it is the right choice.


The student’s rooms are mostly equipped with a shelf, desk, and storage facility. There is a small kitchen, a TV, and a refrigerator.  Wi-Fi enables you to complete University work and stay in touch with your family back home. Student apartment’s living space mostly comes furnished. It relieves you of the hassle of buying furniture or painting old walls.

Safe and secure

It is daunting for parents to permit their children to stay away from them. Pursuing education overseas is unimaginable for parents. Now, student apartments in Ann Arbor Michigan area assure safety.  There are curfew hours for international students, support services, and dedicated staff to take care of new University students. Student apartments provide additional security features. It offers easy access as the location is near the campus.  Thus, it averts travel time, and it is only at a walking distance from the home. Even if you oversleep, as the commuting time is less, you can get to class after grabbing a quick latte on the way.

Develop cultural awareness

Student apartments give a chance to develop English speaking skills. It is because English is the only language spoken. There is access to amenities, Wi-Fi, on-site facilities, proximity to campus, and lots more meeting diversity. Develop cultural awareness with other international students coming from other places. Different nationalities mean different cultures, styles, and food ideas. Pick your choice. You will receive a helping hand anytime and get tips on studying or anything else. Choose your new home bearing these things in mind.

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