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Campus Dating

Posted by Friendly Design on April 25, 2015
Happy Campus Dating

Choosing to date while way at college is a very personal decision. The reason many individuals decide against dating in college is usually based upon cultural, religious, or moral reasons. There are those who decide to explore this portion of college life and there are several things they should keep in mind in the process. This measures avoid disasters and help ensure the safety of students.

Personal Information

It is essential for college students to keep vital personal information to themselves until they can trust others with it. They should never give personal information to acquaintances and/or strangers. There are seedy characters in the world who specifically prey on naive and trusting students in college. Never give out home addresses or, in some cases, phone numbers. Once untrustworthy people obtain this information they may decide to go that address. It is also a good idea to figure out more than one way home. This makes it more difficult for criminals to follow.

Phone a Friend

            Students should not go on dates with individuals that they just met or do not know. If a student decides to venture out on a date, he/she should ask around campus about the character and reputation of that person. They should also call a friend to let them know what is going on. Inform them of who the date is and where the date is as well as what time it is to begin and end. This way, if something does go wrong friends and family will have a better idea of what to do.

Personal Safety

All individuals in the world should learn some method of effective self-defense whether they are in college or not. College students can inquire with campus departments to see if these types of classes are taught by college instructors. Check with community centers and local law enforcement to locate self-defense classes. Most of the time they are offered free of charge. It is important for everyone to know exactly what to do as well as how to act in the event that they are attacked or even stalked.

As a side note, self-defense courses are great for the mind, body and soul on top of providing protection measures. They generally include some sort of self-discipline and exercise. Certain forms of self-defense courses also instruct students about dietary intake and stress relieving mediation techniques.

Do not go on a date in an unfamiliar or uncomfortable location. Students should be comfortable on the date and know which route to take to return home safely. They should always keep beverages and foods in plain sight. If it is necessary to walk away from them, throw them away and order fresh. It is never a good idea to invite dates home for a nightcap. Be sure to take a fully charged cell phone programmed with friends’ and family member’s number on speed dial in case of emergency.

Double Up

The safest types of dates for those who do decide to do so are double and group dates. The group should include well known and trusted friends. Going out and dancing or dining can actually be a lot more exciting with good friends. This will also generally make all parties involved more comfortable. Students should always listen to their sixth sense also known as instinct. If any element of the date is uncomfortable or scary, the date should be ended as quickly as possible. Another thought is ask a friend to call or text at a certain time with an imaginary emergency. This makes it much simpler and safer to end the date.

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