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Warm Weather Pest

Posted by Friendly Design on February 11, 2015
Tips to prevent Warm Weather Pest

There are a number of things which may be done to either drive Warm Weather Pest away or prevent them from entering your Ann Arbor apartment and garden. Warm weather brings with it sun, fun, and adventure. It means getting out of the house and lots of water splashing. It also means the return of several types of annoying pests, both indoor and outdoor. There are a number of things which may be done to either drive them away or prevent them from entering your home and garden.

Frustrating Flies

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to take a nap in the summer with flies consistently landing on you. It may seem as if they actually wait for you to fall asleep to pester you. Flies can also create very nasty messes. Make use of window and door screens. If the windows do not have screens, these may be purchased from local home improvement stores as can screen doors.

For those who cannot buy and/or install a permanent screen door consider one of the instant close magnet types. These may be hung over the entry way and are designed with weighted magnets. This means it automatically closes as you step through it, but is very easy to step through. This will also help decrease the bee and mosquito population in your home as well.

Annoying Ants

Most all professional exterminators will tell you that annoying ants are one of the most difficult types of pest to get rid of. About the only way to eliminate a colony of ants is to destroy the queen and then the nest. Repairing plumbing which leaks will help as these pests are attracted to moisture. Keep all crumbs clean up so as not to provide food for them.

They are many brands and strengths of pest spray; however, these are not generally helpful and are usually a waste of money. One of the most effective ways to exterminate ants in and around your home is called perimeter ant bait. It resembles dirt and should be sprinkled around the perimeter of your apartment on the outside. Ants pick up these granules which are poisonous and carry them to the queen in her nest.

Ruthless Roaches

Cockroaches are another extremely resilient pest. Not only are they ruthless, they breed at exponential rates. Within just a month or two your entire apartment could be infested. Roaches are even more difficult to eliminate from an apartment because they simply run next door until it is safe to return to your home. Of course, the first step is to keep all crumbs, spills, and messes cleaned up. This alone will not turn the trick due to the fact that cockroaches will eat dried glue, cardboard, and paper when nothing else is available.

It is best to eliminate stacks of papers and cardboard boxes as well as remove books from shelves to clean under them routinely. Pay close attention to produce such as onions and potatoes when bringing them home as roaches will hitchhike on/in these items. The best elimination method, especially within apartments, is consulting a professional exterminator.

Certain types of pests require professional help while other are do it yourself projects. The difference depends upon not only the species of insect, but the prevalence. The infestation of any pest generally requires an expert. Most all insect battles require many of the same steps such as leaving no food out and cleaning messes immediately. Smaller groups of many species of insects can be eliminated by natural means such as spreading borax or spraying areas with a mixture of lemon, vinegar, and mint.

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