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Open Living Space in an Apartment by Organizing Closets

Posted by Friendly Design on July 15, 2014
Open Living Space in apartments downtown ann arbor

One of the biggest challenges of living in Ann Arbor apartment is trying to organize everything. Open living space is necessary. The goal is to create enough open space to accomplish daily tasks as well as make both the occupants and guests feel comfortable. This may seem a bit overwhelming in the beginning. A few ideas and some information can eliminate a lot, if not all, of the confusion.

            One of the simplest and least expensive ideas is to designate closets for specific purposes and then organize them in that fashion. One excellent thought, if it is possible, is to designate a small closet for storable kitchen items. This will create a great deal of space within a tiny kitchen. There are a number of companies that offer closet organizers at reasonable prices. These are extremely useful, especially for those who have no prior experience organizing.

Generally consumers can choose pieces and design organizers to fit their specific needs. It may not be necessary to possess the hanging portion of a closet organizer for kitchen items. There are all sorts of smaller objects that may be used with the larger piece to find an efficient place for everything. One of the larger accessories could be a rolling table with counter space on top for mixing and chopping. These usually have bins, drawers, and/or cabinet space below for storage. It can simply be wheeled back into the closet when the cooking is complete.

Closets within bedrooms can be organized for multiple functions. One closet may be divided to provide closet space for two individuals. This often makes it much easier to access necessary items. Another thought is to employ this idea with a twist. Organize half of the closet for the bedroom’s occupant. Organize the other half to store bathroom or kitchen needs. Any closet, once it is systemized, will provide areas for other purposes.

Most individuals are surprised by the space left when the clutter is simply categorized and useless items have been disposed of or given to those who might be able to use them. The first step to organizing any area for any purpose is to sort through it. This is usually the most difficult as well as time consuming task. The next is to arrange the remaining items in an efficient fashion. This is not just for closets. This applies to any room or even portion of a room. Once clutter is structured in one small area, the entire room opens up. It also makes things much easier to find and use.

Individuals who do not have a closet have a solution available to them as well. There are several organizers on the market that create closet space. Those who cannot afford a complete organizing system may purchase only the hanging rack and used objects from second hand stores. Small dressers can be refurbished to add individual personality and used to organize. It is best to take measurements in the beginning. Individuals are then able to determine what items will fit in an area before making any purchases. This is also a very good idea for those with no prior experience. Measure, plan, and utilize imagination to create open living space within small areas.

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