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How to Improve Apartment Safety After Moving

Posted by Friendly Design on April 5, 2020
How to Improve Apartment Safety After Moving- Ann Arbor Apartments managed by CMB

The question is- how to improve apartment safety after moving? When you rent an apartment, your security options are somewhat limited. There are a variety of simple measures that you can implement right now to improve your safety, even in you live in a large complex or apartment building.

How to Improve Apartment Safety After Moving?

This guide will take you through the issues to consider before you sign a lease, along with what could be possible after you finish moving into the apartment.

Focus on Safety When Researching Apartments


Research local crime statistics before deciding on a location for your apartment. You might even take the step of talking with local business owners to see what locals have to say about a neighborhood.

Then check the lighting of an apartment building or complex that seems intriguing. Look at the parking lot, storage rooms, stairwells, and other common areas for security solutions.

Although appearances can be deceiving, little things that don’t receive attention can be an indication that an apartment might not be safe. Leaking faucets, peeling paint, or burnt-out light bulbs are often telltale signs of an inattentive landlord.

As a final step, you’ll want to review the emergency exits for your apartment building. If you are on the ground level, then check to see if the windows open easily. Then test all of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure that they’re working instead of taking someone’s word on it.

What to Do After Moving Into the Apartment


If you have a way to upgrade your door locks, then do so immediately. You’ll want to ask the landlord to change the regular locks because you never know how many duplicate keys exist. Then install a door chain, reinforcement lock, or another option that your lease allows.

  1. Get a door security bar.

A door jammer is a simple security solution for an apartment that provides significant benefits. You can install and remove them without damaging the apartment. Then you won’t need to worry about picking or bumping the locks.

  1. Cover your windows immediately.

Intruders look through the windows of apartments to see what places have great stuff to steal. If you don’t want to be an easy mark, then put up some curtains or blinds that won’t damage the surrounding frames. Then keep them shut whenever you aren’t home.

  1. Take the time to meet your neighbors.

When you know who is living next to you, then your neighbors can act like a supplementary security system for your apartment. People watch out for each other. Striking up a conversation might be a little scary at first, but it will pay dividends immediately.

  1. Get renter’s insurance for your apartment.

Unforeseen events still happen when you live in an apartment. Having a renter’s insurance policy that covers your belongings is a smart investment to make. Most polices only cost about $20 per month. So, you got the answer- How to Improve Apartment Safety After Moving.

You can also install a wireless alarm system in many apartments. You can receive ongoing monitoring services or use your smartphone to do the work on your behalf. Then you can rest comfortably, even if you’re away from home.

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